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  • X-Rite Photo

    QUICK TIP X-Rite - Creative Black & White Toning

    Let’s look at producing creative Black & White images in Adobe Lightroom. From the timeless and classic feel to its ability to remove distracting colors from a busy frame, there are countless reasons why photographers still enjoy photographing in Black… Read more

  • Wedding Photo by Kevin Wilson

    What’s Behind the Perfect Wedding Photo?

    Making a good wedding photo is important. And being a wedding photographer is one of the most difficult jobs you can have.

  • Tom Mackie - Big Sur Coast

    X-Rite Coloratti Photos of the Week – September 2017

    We continue to share Coloratti Photos of the Week featuring the work of our talented Coloratti ambassadors  on our Facebook and Twitter channels. For September it was the turn of videographer Ollie Kenchington and photographers Tom Mackie and Ashley Karyl.… Read more

  • _Kyoto_Japan_1

    Travel Photography Top 5 Tips by Jacob James

    Travel photography is important to many of us. This article by Jacob James gives you some excellent tips for improving your travel photography memories. In my experience, each destination I travel to has a different feel that needs to come… Read more

  • Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 11.09.05 AM (1)

    QUICK TIP: Lightroom Presets

    Presets are a great way to streamline your workflow in Adobe Lightroom.

  • Paloma Rincon - Piñapple

    X-Rite Coloratti Photos of the Week – August 2017

    This month we started our X-Rite Coloratti Photo of the Week. We have been sharing the work of our amazing X-Rite Coloratti throughout August on our Facebook and Twitter channels. This month we've featured X-Rite Coloratti Sanjay Jogia, Paloma Rincón, and Martin Dörsch.

  • icc Profiles

    Why we need ICC Profiles and what they actually do.

    Guest blog by Photographer, Educator and X-Rite Coloratti Martin Bailey Following the release of my video on soft-proofing, I received a few questions that helped me to realize that I need to spend a little time going over the reasons that… Read more

  • Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 11.47.02

    The Impact of Summer Light on Photography by Adrian Weinbrecht

    Light changes everything and this is never truer than during the summer. In the summertime, the intensity and clarity of the light brings everything – for want of a better phrase – ‘to life’. What this means is that most… Read more



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