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    Seven Simple Steps to Accurate Color Capture

    Capturing colour accurately allows photographers to save serious amounts of time and therefore money in the editing phase as well as delivering more consistently accurate and pleasing images. Using the ColorChecker Passport from X-Rite makes this process a straightforward one,… Read more

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    AUGUST Capture The Color Contest - PANTONE® Aqua Sky!

    We want to see your photographs from around the world that best represent the featured monthly PANTONE® Color in our Capture the Color photography contest. Prizes awarded every month to the top five images plus one chosen by the X-Rite… Read more

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    Summer ColorMunki Promos - Instant Savings

    We’re not monkeying around – instant savings on all ColorMunki solutions!

 Great Summer Savings on all ColorMunki solutions!  Between July 15 and August 31, 2015, X-Rite will offer the following instant rebates: ColorMunki Smile: $10 Instant Rebate      … Read more

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    ColorTALK with Katrin Eismann - The Emotion of Color

    We sat recently with the supremely talented Katrin Eismann, Chair, MPS Digital Photography at School of Visual Arts in NYC to get her thoughts and insights on what color means to her. Clearly, Katrin has strong emotional ties to color… Read more



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