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by Brenda K. Hipsher – July 28th, 2010

by Brenda K. Hipsher

Thanks to one of our readers here this is a revision of a previous post we made called Lightroom Plugin for ColorChecker Passport. There is a slight difference in the screen appearances when the File>Export path is used in Lightroom 3 to get to the plugin.

In Lightroom 3 when selecting File>Export the first screen that appears shows the options for exports of processed files. A drop down menu at the top of the page is defaulted to the option “Hard Drive.” When that drop down menu is accessed the option “X-Rite Preset” appears. Selecting this option opens the ColorChecker Passport plugin allowing you to name your profile as well as opening the option to produce a dual illuminant profile if two images are selected in Lightroom.

Make sure that you open the stand alone software that comes with ColorChecker Passport so that you can be certain you’re using the latest version of both the software and the plugin. As we previously reported, there are enhancements in the latest version of the software for image detection and exposure variation.

Thanks to all who commented on this issue.  We appreciate your help in bringing the best information we can to you on X-Rite color management solutions. Visit www.xritephoto.com for more information.

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23 responses to “X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Plugin Adobe Lightroom 3”

  1. Nelson A. says:

    I’ve tried installing the software many times…however the lightroom 3 plugin is not installing. The stand alone portion is installed every-time except for the plugin in lightroom. I’ve tried the software that came with the passport and I’ve also downloaded the upgrade (V 1.0.2) to no avail. Please help.

  2. Brian Bailey says:

    Same problem. Plugin will not install in Lightroom 3. Please address this right away, otherwise all of your tutorials, etc., are pointless.

    • Brian,
      Please report this issue to cmsupport@xrite.com. We are actively working on isolating this issue. You can assist in this process by reporting it directly to cmsupport@xrite.com.
      It is important that all issues are reported and documented so that they can be resolved. And please do let us know the resolution of the issue here as well.
      Thanks so much,
      Brenda K. Hipsher

  3. Gary Ranson says:


    I also had this problem and had to add it in the LR Plug-in Manager and point to the path:

    /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Modules/XRiteColorCheckerPassport.lrplugin for it to work.

    My color checker passport stand alone application is v1.0.2

    My XRiteColorCheckerPassport.lrplugin is v1.0.0.1

    Is the plugin the latest version?

  4. Harold H says:

    where o where can the Lightroom plugin be? I was running Color Checker v1.02, no plugin, so I re-downloaded Color Checker Passport and installed it and still no plugin. Is the plugin a separate download?

    I’ve gone through the suggested steps in Lightroom3 : File>Export — and in the export panel I do not find the X-Rite option (and I have looked!).

  5. Diana Lundin says:

    And just so you know, I am not able to create profiles using the plug-in, your most updated software, Lightroom 3 and Snow Leopard. I have reported this and have been in contact with Mary. She has been able to replicate my issue using Snow Leopard. The error message says the crop marks can’t be detected. It doesn’t matter how large the target is, the plug-in won’t always create profiles in Lightroom. Periodically it works, then it doesn’t, but not consistently. And most often it won’t create them. So that is an issue being looked at on your end.

    • Thank you so much Diana for reporting the issue and for reporting back here to us. We very much appreciate your help in tracking down any issue and resolving it both for you and for all others using the product.
      Brenda K. Hipsher

  6. Har says:

    To solve you problem first you copy file from /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Modules

    and paste it into folder :/Applications/Adobe Lightroom 3.app/Contents

    Restart your lightroom program. Good luck

  7. annie says:

    I am using Win 7 and LR 3.2. In the Plugin manager, there is an error message saying Xrite is malfunctioning and cannot be used. Please help

  8. Zeninho says:


    I´ve installed the software but the plug in won´t show in LR. I´ve searched the file in the place you said but I don´t have a ¨modules” folder inside the lightroom folder. Do you know anywhere I can down load the .lrplugin file?

  9. Winston says:

    Almost six months Brenda and you still don’t know what’s causing this? I’m going through the hassle myself right now.

  10. ntran says:

    For Mac Lightroom3 users:
    You may have to manually install the plugin. The plugin is located in
    macintosh hd>library>application support>adobe>lightroom>modules after software installation. You have to drag it out of there and place it into user>library>application support>adobe>lightroom

    And then manually add it using Lightroom plugin manager. It should work under “export with preset”

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