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by Brenda K. Hipsher – October 22nd, 2011

We are pleased to welcome Sally Wiener Grotta to the X-Rite Coloratti website. “Great color management is transparent,” Sally Wiener Grotta will often explain. “Like all technology that enables art, you need to be able to depend on it to work right, every time, so that it doesn’t get in the way of your creativity.”

Sally started with digital photo imaging way back in the dark ages (early 1990s), when color was mostly hit and miss (with a lot of misses and wasted media).  Every fine art print generally required numerous reprints until she was satisfied with the color and dynamic range. This was a costly and time consuming process.

X-Rite Sally Wiener Grotta American HandsNow, using a calibrated HP Dreamcolor monitor and custom media profiles from the automated X-Rite spectrometer built into her 44″ HP Designjet Z3200 photo printer, every print looks exactly the way she expects and wants it to. The only time she reprints is because she wants to make a different artistic choice.

X-Rite Sally Wiener Grotta American HandsSally’s project American Hands is her latest project and her ongoing passion. “I’m totally in awe of the people who have the skill and the dedication to keep alive those trades that formed our country, that form our culture.” American Hands documents the people who keep trades alive like blacksmith, glass blower, weaver, spinner. “They made concrete items that were needed by their community,” she says of the trades practiced by the people she photographs. She says that when she photographs the camera and lens disappear and the connection between her and the subject is what she endeavors to capture. “I come away from that experience enriched as a person,” she says. “I’m fascinated by what it is that makes us human. It isn’t just the ability to wield tools… to me it’s the connection of hand… and how that connects to our mind and our heart.  That is, to me,  the essence of what it is to be human.” Sally says that telling a story is what her photography is about.  Hear what Sally had to say about American Hands  in this short audio clip. Be sure to click the “play” icon and adjust the volume on the right hand side of the audio bar below.

X-Rite Sally Wiener Grotta American HandsLearn more about Sally Wiener Grotta at and see more of Sally’s diverse photography on her gallery site CLICK HERE.

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Sally’s workflow is color managed by X-Rite making sure that she knows exactly what she’s getting from capture to edit to print.  Stop Guessing. Start Knowing. Get your color workflow under control with color management solutions from X-Rite!

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