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by Brenda K. Hipsher – November 7th, 2011

Many thanks to Coloratti John Paul Caponigro who judged our October Color Perfectionists Unite! Photo Contest.  The theme was Fall Colors and we had some beautiful entries. You can see them all by visiting the gallery for October on Facebook. The top 20 voted photos are collected as finalists and sent to our judge each month and one winner is chosen. This month we had tie votes at the number 20 spot so we actually had 21 photos in our finalists selection for October.

X-Rite Color Perfectionists Unite! Photo Contest Winner

The winner for October is “Scottish Autumn Colors” by Tim Riches. “The bird’s eye view in this image is particularly effective in revealing the structure and process of this altered landscape,” John Paul said of his selection of the winner. “River, banks, bridge, fence, path, tree lines provide multiple journeys for the eye to explore in an intricate dance within the frame that can be performed again and again with multiple variations. The man-made  whether they are integrated into the landscape or define it. Eye catching color, in various stages, adds another layer of connectivity and extra intensity to an already energetic composition, without overpowering or disrupting its cohesiveness. The frame is well-handled, with only one disruption with the incomplete yellow tree in the bottom right and possibly the dark mass in the bottom left. The exposure is excellent, exhibiting no flaws.” Tim has won a NEW i1Display Pro and ColorChecker Passport by X-Rite.  We will feature Tim in an upcoming blog post to talk more about his photography. Congratulations Tim!

John Paul was also impressed with several other entries and has provided some feedback for each of his runner-up choices.  We’re delighted for you to have a chance to read his comments on these additional photos.  We’ll present the photos with their title and photographer captioned with the photo and John Paul’s comments.

X-Rite Photo Color Perfectionists Unite! Photo Contest

"The One" by Michelle Brooks

“With only one glance, it would be easy to pass off this image as overly sentimental and cliched. When reconsidered, the subtext of age (birth/death and youth/maturity) adds a surprising complexity. The seasons in this image extend far beyond a single year. Connections with a many other things and much larger processes are implied. The contrast of the palette the girls is wearing with the very different earth tones of the leaf she is holding and the background she is in add content to the color. This isn’t just color for color’s sake; it’s a color code; it’s a commentary on life through color. What’s more, the girl is literally interacting with color; the leaf. It would be simplistic to say that this composition would be stronger if the leaf the girl is holding was more brightly colored; the content of the image is stronger because the leaf is aged. What might at first be considered an imperfection is actually an excellent example of how images become stronger when they are imperfect – or when they are perfectly imperfect. More detail in the white and blacks would improve this image substantially. Inclusion of a background that added further comparison or contrast with the central theme would take this image to an entirely new level.” – John Paul Caponigro on “The One.”

X-Rite Color Perfectionists Unite! Photo Contest

"Liquid Fall" by Mark Schou

“This image has very strong color impact. It seems to be an image about the interaction of color as much as the interaction of liquids. The intense red could be read as a metaphor for blood. Color and fluid dynamics are both interesting. Where the image is ultimately going is uncertain. Presented in context with other images of its kind, the content and direction of this image might become clearer.

In the context of the theme of the challenge, fall color, this image seems only loosely associated through a warm palette, but I appreciate the artist’s willingness to push the envelope through this submission.” – John Paul Caponigro on “Liquid Fall.”

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X-Rite Color Perfectionists Unite! Photo Contest

"Goldenes Blatt" by Thomas Renner

I admit it took me a minute to appreciate the clever reinterpretation of Fall(ing) Color for this one! BKH

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“Dramatic lighting is the strongest aspect of this image. The chiaroscuro is energetic, renders form, and creates mood. Trace shadow detail and more delicate darkening of highlights (without becoming gray) would solidify the confidence of the viewer that this artist is in command of their craft. The grid of bricks is nicely placed within the frame, making sure they provide a structure for the light event rather than a distraction. The sparkling highlights of the background almost suggest a metaphor of a night sky.”

X-Rite Color Perfectionists Unite! Photo Contest

"Crystal Lake" by Jennifer Hewson

“The carefully placed focus (and lack of focus in surrounding elements) in this image clearly directs the attention of the viewer to the primary subject. The low angle of view reduces potentially distracting elements and visually brings the subject in contact with the colorful canopy behind. More saturation would add stronger color interest. Reducing the intensity of blacks in the background would make other objects less distracting and drive more attention to the figure. As the symmetry of the mountain is not complete, I’d consider cropping excess foreground to close in more on the subject and heighten the effectiveness of the horizontal composition.”

X-Rite Coloratti John Paul CaponigroJohn Paul we can’t thank you enough for your thoughtful comments on our  winner and the additional four photographs that captured your attention. Visit www.johnpaulcaponigro.com for more information on Coloratti John Paul Caponigro. We regularly post articles that John Paul writes on the subject of fine art printing and color management. Be sure to have a look at this recent one on Softproofing on the X-Rite Photo blog and look for another one coming soon. Meanwhile have a look at this new post on John Paul’s blog called “Controlling Your Environment.”  You’ll also want to sign up for his free newsletter called “Insights.”  And be sure to check out Digital Printing & Digital Photography Workshops to see all the great offerings John Paul Caponigro has for you to work directly with him either at his studio in Maine or in locations like Sante Fe, Anarctica, Greenland, Iceland, Patagonia, and the Atacama Desert. His website, www.johnpaulcaponigro.com, will keep you coming back for more.

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