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by Brenda K. Hipsher – December 28th, 2011

X-Rite Color Management Solutions with John Paul CaponigroColoratti John Paul Caponigro is just back from Antarctica and went right back to work on his blog. Among the wonderful posts on the trip there’s a great new post called simply “Profile Your Printer.” John Paul talks about the importance of properly using an appropriate printer/paper profile when you print on your own printer in your studio or office. “Good printer profiles help make good prints,” he says. “Better printer profiles help make better prints. So, logically, you’ll want to use the best printer profiles to help you make the best prints.”

John Paul Caponigro color management test print X-RiteGood paper/printer profiles are vital to getting good quality prints no matter what paper or printer you’re using. So go on over and read the entire article “Profile Your Printer” on John Paul Caponigro’s blog. And take a look at the extensive library of color management information that John Paul makes available to you there. You’ll find 19 posts and 13 videos there that you can enjoy during some of your holiday time. From his classic post 6 Simple Steps to Good Color Management to the latest one Profile Your Printer you’ll learn something from every offering.

Find out more about X-Rite i1Photo Pro and i1Publish Pro fine art printer profiling solutions at You can also check out ColorMunki Photo, an excellent professional printer profiling solution with easy to use software in a small affordable device that you can travel with easily.

Be sure to have a look at the X-Rite Photo video Exploring Beauty, Color & Nature with John Paul Caponigro.




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