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by Brenda K. Hipsher – January 30th, 2014

Welcome to another installment of Color Talk with Coloratti Art Suwansang. Art is a photographer and educator who believes in color management as the basis for his digital color workflow. Art is based in Chino, California a suburb about 40 miles east of Los Angeles. His Color Talk Art Suwansangwebsite,, showcases his work with links to his blog and educational content, and gives you a flavor of the philosophy that informs his work.

“Photography… is about stopping the moment, freezing time… and capturing it,” says Art Suwansang. “Every shoot that I do is different. It’s based on the personality and the energy level of the client.” He looks for the moment that his intuition is awaiting. “I play with the light… I move around the subject…as long as I’m relating and connecting to the subject.”

Born in New York City, Art spent part of his formative years being educated in Thailand, returning to the United States to finish his education in Southern California. Growing up in two cultures has given Art the added dimension of opening up to choices and seeing through multiple perspectives. This duality has repeated itself in his choice of careers, giving him great insight and knowledge in the digital revolution and high proficiency in the world of artistic expression. A Magna Cum Laude graduate of Brooks Institute, Art Suwansang has become an award winning, international photographer and lecturer.

Art has some very strong views on the necessity of color management in the professional digital photography workflow. He sat down with us to talk about why he thinks color management is essential for everyone.

Art was good enough to give us some extra insight into his photography and his process in the interview below. Enjoy our latest chat with Art Suwansang

X-Rite Blog: Do you travel as a photographer and educator? Where are your favorite places to travel?

Art Suwansang: I travel quite a bit as a photographer and educator. There are assignments where I am over seas to photograph a wedding or doing a fashion session in a foreign nation. As much as I travel for photography, I travel even more for teaching. I love to teach. My favorite region to visit is the Euro Zone but so far my favorite country and city is London, UK hands down :)

Color Talk Art Suwansang

©2013 Art Suwansang

XR: Please tell us how you got started in photography.

AS: I got into photography out a passion for human interactions and communications that computer engineering could not offer me. As a wedding photographer I get to have fun during a photo session with multiple couples. It is great to hear their stories, how they met and why they fell in love. I also love light, color, shapes, lines, and how all of these elements can interact in very interesting ways.

Color Talk Art Suwansang

©2013 Art Suwansang

XR: What motivates you to be a photographic educator?

AS: My love for photography being one of the reason but more so because I love teaching and explaining things in simple terms. I also believe that teach can empower future generations of photographers to go out there and create good and high quality images in these dark days of cell phone photography and ok is good enough photography.

XR: What would you say to someone who is not calibrating and profiling the monitor on which they are editing images?

AS: You are committing a digital mal-practice. The fix is go out and buy a calibrator asap :) Seriously, it is really bad to be editing on an uncalibrated monitor.

Color Talk Art Suwansang

©2013 Art Suwansang

XR: What advice would you give students who are studying photography in school right now?

AS: Photography has always been a form of science combined with the creative nature of the artist. In the film days you were a creative and chemist processing film and printing images using chemistry, enlarger and etc. That theme has not changed today at all. However, the technology that we have now a days have moved us from just chemistry and science into the realm of science fiction. With Photoshop all photographers and enthusiasts can do miracles with images that only a selected few can do with film. Where we are now in digital photography, my advice is to learn as much as you can about the technical side of photography, camera operations and especially software on the back end. The proliferation of digital photography has created more photographers than we could even imagine and further democratizes the craft of photography. This is good in a sense that we are pushing the boundary of creativity, but we must all realize and be aware that we must all have proper training on the many technical aspects of digital photography. This sets professionals apart and is imperative to maintaining the highest quality of image possible. We should always strive for better quality imagery. When we set those standards in our lives and our work, it will be contagious and others will follow.

XR: What personal projects are you currently working on?

AS: I have a few projects that are on going, I am producing travel photo albums of the various places that I have visited. Some of the pending cities are Paris, Rome, and a larger themed Cultures of Thailand album. I am also constantly shooting various fashion sessions with models just for fun.

Art has a workshop coming up March 7, 2014 from 6 to 9pm in West Covena, CA. Click the link below to find out more!

Lightroom In Depth at Tri-Community Photography Program

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  1. How wonderful the world gets to know more about Art Suwansang. The day I met Art and started hiring him to help teach me was when I started seeing and creating photographs I never thought I could.

    Art has especially helped me learn the importance of calibrating my monitors so my end product looked like I wanted. He is a genius understanding color (And….he is a computer guru!)

    How fun to read your article.


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