X-Rite Coloratti Photo of the Week – November 2017


by Dave Mobbs – December 13th, 2017

In November 2017, we shared the work of our talented X-Rite Coloratti on our Facebook and Twitter channels. For this month’s X-Rite Coloratti Photo of the Week it was the turn of photographers Federico Chiesa, Frank Doorhof and Hugo Rodriguez.

Photo of the Week Federico Chiesa – “Horror Vacui”

Federico Chiesa is a professional advertising photographer based in Italy. In his latest photography series “Horror Vacui”, Federico imagined movie villains getting old, as an interpretation of the human crisis and losing purpose in society. All of the photos were staged in Federico’s photography studio, shot with Hasselblad cameras and a slightly wide lens. He used a mix of continuous light and flash heads to add different colour temperatures. Federico opted for simple retouching to keep the images looking as real as possible.

“I use the X-Rite i1 Display Pro at the beginning of every shoot.  This ensures that colour can be managed throughout the workflow. Above all, I always try to balance the shooting and retouching stage. So calibrating my equipment from the start can save a lot of time!” explains Federico.

©2017 X-Rite Coloratti Federico Chiesa Photo of the Week

©2017 Federico Chiesa

©2017 X-Rite Coloratti Federico Chiesa Photo of the Week

©2017 Federico Chiesa












Photo of the Week Frank Doorhof – “Nadine Pro”

Based in Amsterdam, Frank Doorhof is a model/fashion photographer and writer of bestselling photography book “Mastering the Modelshoot”. He captured his shot “Nadine Pro” at a Sony demo day. Frank used a Sony a7R II and 24-70 GM f/2.8 lens. In terms of lighting, he used just one strobe at the back of the studio with a red gel.  And he added another strobe at the front of the studio, with a beauty dish and grid.

“The difficulty with this shot was actually the reflective back drop. During the demo, I explained how the angle of incidence is also the angle of reflection. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your images pop without backgrounds showing up. Moreover, a splash of colour can always add interest to a shot” adds Frank.

That’s not all, of course. Frank says that a crucial element is styling and coaching the model.  “In my workshops I always try to coach my model in  order to ensure the pose stands out and draws the viewer in.”


©2017 X-Rite Coloratti Frank Doorhof Photo of the Week

©2017 Frank Doorhof

Photo of Week Hugo Rodriguez – Escocia

Hugo Rodriguez is a Spanish teacher of photographic technique, colour management, digital capture and RAW format. Hugo has taught many classes, courses, seminars and conferences. And he now offers a professional service of colour management and digital image consultancy. Whilst in Scotland, Hugo captured this image using a Nikon F5 with Ilford Delta 400 BW film that he developed himself. As for handhelds, he used a Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 .

“My image focus was looking at the rocks near the water on the Scottish coast in a very grey day. I was delighted by the textures and reflections.”

©2017 ©2017 Hugo RodriguezHugo Rodriguez Photo of the Week

©2017 Hugo Rodriguez

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