X-Rite i1Studio v1.1 Software Update is LIVE!


by Brenda K. Hipsher – February 20th, 2018

X-Rite i1Studio, the latest addition to the i1 line of professional color management solutions, is already getting a software update, i1Studio v1.1, that will add even more flexibility and efficiency to your workflow. Built on the popular i1Profiler code base, i1Studio software features a streamlined user interface that is wizard driven and easy to use. However, wizard driven and feature rich are not mutually exclusive terms. X-Rite i1Studio gives users color management control for every part of the digital workflow. From iOS devices and monitors to projectors, i1Studio lets you see your images in a color managed environment. Scanners and cameras can be profiled to allow for control of input devices. And i1Studio is not only capable of  making color printer profiles, but also profiles optimized for B&W output. i1Studio software is already a feature rich software packed with options for every need.

i1Studio software

New Features in i1Studio v1.1 Release

Now new features allow streamlined and accelerated printer profile creation while preserving the unique iterative profile engineering. “The newest feature for i1Studio software is called Data Save Workflow,” said Brenda K. Hipsher, Brand Manager for X-Rite at MAC Group. “This new feature enables users to start the printer profiling process, pause it any time and resume automatically where you left off, providing a more efficient and flexible workflow. This is a very important update to the workflow that enhances the user experience while taking full advantage of the profile creation architecture. In addition, we can now save profiles as either V2 and V4. This increased functionality ensures avoiding version conflicts in hardware and software.”

Let’s have a look at the updates and increased functionality in i1Studio v1.1 software update.

1. Data Save Workflow

Allow for longer test target dry time.

It’s easy – name your session, print the first target, and exit the software. Allow as much time as you like to make sure your target is completely dry. Upon restarting the software, simply load your saved session and measure the first target. i1Studio v1.1 software will store the measured data and create the second iterated target. This second target is based on the measured data from the first target. So each second target is slightly different than every other. Once that target is created and printed, the user can exit the software again and come right back where they left off by loading the same saved session. Just as before the target can be measured against the correct data and the final profile created and saved.

Create profiles for multiple paper surfaces or media brands.

Each workflow for each individual paper can be saved and recalled for later use. Profile multiple paper surfaces almost as quickly as you can profile a single paper. You no longer need to leave your software program open for extended periods of time, while you printed different test targets and allowed for dry time. In many cases this might have taken up to 2 days! Now it’s fast and efficient to get a batch of profiles done at one time.

Profile a Remote Printer.

You may find the need to profile a printer that is not directly on your network. Perhaps it’s in a different part of the building or at a remote location. Now through the Data Save Workflow you can do this. From printer drop down menu, choose either Remote Printer (RGB) or Remote Printer (CMYK) depending on type of printer you are profiling. Each time you create and save a new session, i1Studio software automatically creates a TIFF file of your test target. Print this target from any other application where you have the ability to print with color management turned off. Then, open i1Studio and load your saved session. The software will take you to the next step in your profile creation workflow to begin measurements. All your measured data will stay attached to this saved session.

The Data Save Workflow is available in all the printer modules of i1Studio – Color Print, B/W Print and Optimize Profile.

2. Save Profiles as V4 or V2 Profiles

While most software packages effectively utilize V4 profiles with their larger data sets, some software programs and some devices still need V2 profiles. X-Rite i1Studio v1.1 software allows the user to save profiles for monitors, projectors, scanners, and printers as V2 profiles to prevent so called “version conflicts” that cause monitor or projector profiles to appear dark and reddish when using some software packages to view your images.

i1Studio v1.1


3. Set Profile Reminders

Most digital professionals like to regularly profile their monitor to minimize any “drift” that monitors may experience. Now you can set a profile reminder that will pop up and remind you to profile your monitor at regular intervals of your choice. We recommend at least once a month or right before you are doing any color critical work.

4. Short Animated How-to Videos

i1Studio v1.1 offers short videos embedded in the software that show how to remove and reinstall the device from the storage/profiling bag, how to measure targets, calibrate the device and more. These short how-to videos appear as links in the help file section on the screen

5. Other Updates

X-Rite i1Studio’s unique B&W “looks” also has an update to sepia tone look. Additionally, other usability improvements are added and minor bugs are fixed.

Get your software update now at this link:

Download Your FREE i1Studio v1.1.0 Software Update Here!


After the package is downloaded, install the software and restart your computer. Then attach your i1Studio or ColorMunki Photo device. (YES! The ColorMunki Photo spectrophotometer can use this update as well!)

Read the i1Studio v1.1 press release here

We Want to Hear from YOU!

Leave a comment below and tell us how you’re using the new Data Save Workflow or other features in i1Studio v1.1. Who knows? We may contact you to  do a blog story on you and give you your choice of select ColorChecker products with our thanks.

Visit xritephoto.com to see then complete line of X-Rite i1 color management solutions, watch videos, webinars, and access all kinds of information contained in PDF’s all curated there for your convenience.

Are you a student or educator living in the US or Canada studying or teaching photography or filmmaking? Visit PhotoVideoEDU.com for more information on X-Rite i1Studio programs for education.

Thank you for using X-Rite color management solutions. We appreciate you and never take your use of our products for granted.

Download the full Read Me file for i1Studio v1.1 here

Minimum Suggested Hardware Requirements


Mac OS X version 10.11, 10.12 and 10.13 (with latest updates installed)

Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor


2 GB of available disk space

Powered USB Port

Monitor resolution of 1024×768 pixels or higher

Dual display support requires either 2 video cards or a dual head video card that supports dual video LUTs loaded

Latest drivers for video card installed

DVD drive or high-speed Internet connection required for software install, download and automatic software update

User must have Administrator rights to install and uninstall the application


Microsoft Windows 7®, Windows 8®, Windows 8.1®, and Windows 10® (32 and 64 bit); all with latest Service Packs and updates installed

Intel® Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 or better CPU


2 GB of available disk space

Powered USB Port

Monitor resolution of 1024×768 pixels or higher

Dual display support requires either 2 video cards or a dual head video card that supports dual video LUTs loaded

Latest drivers for video card installed

DVD drive or high-speed Internet connection required for software install, download and automatic software update

User must have Administrator rights to install and uninstall the application


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6 responses to “X-Rite i1Studio v1.1 Software Update is LIVE!”

  1. hugo says:

    The download link doesn’t work… It points to a PDF.

  2. Marcel Frei says:

    I’m really happy with the i1 Studio Solution.
    But I really miss the option to messure a color and save it.
    That would be a great feature and was possible with the Colormunki Software.

    • Brenda K. Hipsher says:

      Hey there Marcel,
      We have forwarded your comment and request to our R&D team. We are grateful for your input and appreciate your time to leave a comment. Please note that you can continue to use your ColorMunki Photo software as long as your operating system will support the terminal release of that software.
      Please let us know if you have any additional questions.
      Brenda Hipsher

  3. Luis Velez says:


    Will i1Studio works now with Mac OS High Sierra? I had to downgrade the MacBook Pro in order to successfully open i1Studio without crashing… please let me know before applying any upgrades to the computer.

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