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X-Rite Photo @ NY Film Academy Tools of the Trade

X-Rite Photo @ NY Film Academy Tools of the Trade
X-Rite Photo @ NY Film Academy Tools of the Trade
New York Film Academy

New York Film Academy

X-Rite Photo recently participated in the B&H EDU Tools of the Trade event at the New York Film Academy in Downtown Manhattan. It was a great opportunity to meet all these creative young students who are studying a wide variety of photography and film disciplines. Many of them were familiar with camera profiling and monitor calibration and have learned about the importance of color management and printer profiling in their digital photography classes.

We demonstrated for the students how easy it is to calibrate their computer monitors and laptops using the X-Rite ColorMunki Display and i1Display Pro so they can view and edit their images in accurate colors. We also showed them how to profile their mobile devices using the ColorTRUE APP. This was something new to many of them and it really grabbed their attention. In our on-the-go, photography-filled world, mobile devices have become one of the most important ways for displaying and sharing our images, but their color accuracy is not perfect. ColorTRUE is the super simple way for professional, amateur and student color perfectionists alike to get unrivaled color accuracy on their mobile devices.

New York Film Academy - NYC

New York Film Academy – NYC

Typically, tablets and phones will display images in the smallest color space like sRGB. This means an image that’s been processed in a much larger color space, like ProPhoto RGB or Adobe 98 doesn’t display all the colors accurately and images can looked washed out and less vibrant. For photography students who often show their image portfolios on their laptop or mobile devices, it’s really important to be able to profile their tablet and phone screens so the images look as good and as accurate as they do on their calibrated monitors and laptops.

Daniel Raposo - Winner of the i1Display Pro

Daniel Raposo – Winner of the i1Display Pro



There were plenty of smiles from the winners of our i1Display Pro and a ColorChecker Passport giveaways at the end of the day.

Winner of an i1Display Pro was NYFA Photography student Daniel Raposo.

Winner of a ColorChecker - Faculty member John Foster

Winner of a ColorChecker – Faculty member John Foster






NYFA Cinematography faculty member, John Foster was the winner of a ColorChecker Classic.




Tools of the Trade at NYFA

Tools of the Trade at NYFA

Skin 101 with Lindsay Adler May 29-31st on CreativeLive

Skin 101 with Lindsay Adler May 29-31st on CreativeLive
Skin 101 with Lindsay Adler May 29-31st on CreativeLive


Another week brings another great class on CreativeLive. This time NYC portrait and fashion photographer Lindsay Adler will take you through all the essential things you need to know to light, photograph and retouch skin. This will include utilizing the ColorChecker Passport to achieve accurate skin tones and of course the importance on monitor calibration.

From the class description page:

“Capturing beautiful skin tones is essential to the success of any portrait, yet skin is notoriously difficult to photograph and retouch. Skin comes in all colors, tones, and textures — each requiring different treatment.

Learn how to handle your subject’s skin and add polish to all of your portraits. In this course, Lindsay Adler will take you through the essentials of understanding, lighting, photographing and retouching skin in all its variations.

Lay a strong foundation for a great shoot by learning easy make-up tips. Get an in-depth look at how light modifiers, reflectors, and direction of light impact the appearance of skin for both natural light and studio lighting. Learn advanced color calibration and color correction. Master setting up your camera to capture accurate color and when to modifying in post-production to get ideal skin representation.

Lindsay will teach you how to work with a variety of skin textures and tones – whether the skin is very pale, extremely dark, very oily, has extreme blemishes and much more. You’ll learn everything from how to photograph each type of skin to how to retouch these varieties in skin.”

Just like all the great classes on CreativeLive this one is going to be broadcast for free, so this valuable resource on one of the trickier parts of photography is not to be missed.

RSVP and more information here 



Lindsay Adler uses color management solutions from X-Rite. Learn how you can stop guessing and start knowing with X-Rite color management solutions from X-Rite at www.xritephoto.com.

Get the latest news, special offers, webinar notifications and much more by reading the X-Rite Photo Blog and following @xritephoto on Twitter“Like” X-Rite Photo on Facebook. Now check us out on Google +. Start saving time and money with color management solutions from X-Rite. Visit www.xritephoto.com for information on all color management solutions for video and still photography.

ColorMunki Display ColorChecker Passport ONE Day Sale USA

ColorMunki Display ColorChecker Passport ONE Day Sale USA
ColorMunki Display ColorChecker Passport ONE Day Sale USA

X-Rite ColorMunki Display + ColorChecker Passport Bundle – One Day Savings





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X-Rite ColorTRUE Color Management for iPads, Tablets, Smartphones

X-Rite ColorTRUE Color Management for iPads, Tablets, Smartphones
X-Rite ColorTRUE Color Management for iPads, Tablets, Smartphones

colortrue logo

Color Perfection for Mobile Devices with NEW ColorTRUE


Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40X-Rite has just announced the release of ColorTRUE, a color calibration app for mobile devices. ColorTRUE is a free app that provides accurate color viewing of images on tablets and phones for both iOS and Android devices. Download ColorTRUE on the Apple App Store and Google App Store. Google Play Store Badge

Click the hyper-linked words to read this article in German, French, Spanish, and Italian.


ColorTRUEMany mobile devices have excellent viewing screens but calibrating and profiling them has been problematic in the past. ColorTRUE allows you to view your file on mobile devices with color accuracy to rival your desktop display, even if the file is preserved in large color spaces like ProPhoto RGB. Most mobile devices display pleasing color. However, as photographers we want to control the color accuracy of our image no matter what device we choose to use. Now you can use your mobile device to accurately display your images making it possible to carry your entire portfolio into a meeting.

The ColorTRUE app provides two key functions. The first is the ability to create a custom display profile for your device. The second is an “Image Gallery” where you can view your images with a high level of color accuracy. So whether you are viewing your image on your calibrated laptop, desktop or iPad – your images will have consistently accurate color.

ColorTRUE working

The calibration is very fast and easy and only requires a supported X-Rite measurement device to create the profile. For iOS devices simply connect a ColorMunki Display, ColorMunki Smile, i1Display Pro, or i1Pro 2 device to a computer on the same wireless network as your mobile device. Launch the app and watch as it “finds” the measurement device. Then simply place the measurement device on the face of your iPad or iPhone and watch the magic begin.

For Android just plug your ColorMunki Display or i1Display Pro directly into the Android mobile device using a USB to micro USB adapter, launch the app, and enjoy the process.

Either way it’s easy, fast, and transforms your tablet or phone into a color corrected viewing device that you can put into your pocket or bag and be assured that your images will look the way you intended them to look.

The ColorTRUE app allows for color corrected viewing of you images. And it also gives you lots of options that until now have not been available for mobile devices:

  • Before and After – toggle between calibrated and uncalibrated images.
  • Ambient Light Compensation – accurately view images in different lighting conditions.
  • Print Simulation – preview your images with printer profile and rendering intent for “soft proofing” functionality.
  • Image Profile – easily reassign working color spaces (sRGB, Adobe RGB, or ProPhoto RGB)
  • White Point Selection – for optimal tablet-to-desktop match, choose between D65, D50, and native


Look For Other ColorTRUE Aware Apps

Unlike laptop or desktop operating systems, iOS and Android operating systems do not have system wide color management capabilities. This means that when you create a profile in ColorTRUE your other apps do not automatically see it. To solve this, X-Rite is offering a ColorTRUE Aware partner program to provide other app developers access to your ColorTRUE profile. You only have to create the profile in ColorTRUE and it will automatically be applied to any ColorTRUE Aware app that has integrated our free SDK (software developers kit). So help us spread the word by telling your favorite app developers you want them to be ColorTRUE Aware! Find out more at www.xritephoto.com/colortrueSDK.

ColorTRUE – it’s free, it’s accurate, its what you’ve been waiting for. Download ColorTRUE on the Apple App Store and Google App Store. Try it out for yourself today. And tell us what you think about new X-Rite ColorTRUE.





Apple iOS Device Supported

iPad 2, 3rd gen, 4th gen, Air, Mini, & Mini 2nd gen running iOS 7.x or later

iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5c, & 5S running iOS 7.x or later

iPod Touch running iOS 7.x or later

Google Play Store Badge



Google Android Device Supported

Samsung Galaxy running Android 4.0.4 or later

Google Nexus running Android 4.0.4 or later

Asus Transformer running Android 4.0.4 or later

HTC One running Android 4.0.4 or later

Note: In order to communicate with an X-Rite measurement device a USB OTG (On-the-Go) adapter is required. The mobile device must be USB-Host or USB OTG (On-The-Go) compatible.

X-Rite Devices Supported on Apple Devices

ColorMunki Smile, ColorMunki Display, i1Display Pro, i1Pro 2

X-Rite Devices Supported on Android Devices

ColorMunki Display, i1Display Pro