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Filter Photo Festival | The Importance of Color Management

Filter Photo Festival | The Importance of Color Management
Filter Photo Festival | The Importance of Color Management

Filter photo Festival 2012 logoThis week we spoke to Erin Hoyt, Director of Programming for Filter Photo Festival. Erin talked with us about the importance of color management when preparing photographs for portfolio reviews which are part of the festival. Filter Photo Festival is billed as “the Midwest’s premier photography event.” The festival is scheduled for October 15-21, 2012 in Chicago. October is also Chicago Artists Month which “celebrates the city’s art and artists as essential building blocks in the development of vibrant and livable neighborhoods that connect to make Chicago a world class creative city.” Other festivals serve the east and west coast areas. Filter is designed specifically to address photographers in the Midwest.

Filter Photo Festival is an opportunity for photographers to come together and learn from each other. There are evening programs and daily workshops given by some of the leaders in the industry. In addition you’ll have the unique opportunity to have your print portfolio reviewed by multiple industry professionals giving you valuable feedback and critique that you can use to move your work to the next level.

Register today for the festival and take advantage of seminars, workshops, portfolio reviews, evening programs and more.

Listen to what Erin Hoyt has to say about Filter Photo Festival and the importance of color management when submitting photos for portfolio review in this short audio clip. Just click on the “Play” icon below to listen.



Light at Filter Photo Festival

Juried Show at Filter Photo Festival

Stranger Than Family at David Weinberg Gallery.
Photographs by Matthew Avaignone.

If you choose to enter you have until August 31, 2012 to submit entries for “Light” a juried show that will  be featured as part of Filter Photo Festival’s week long event in Chicago. The exhibition will be held at David Weinberg Photography, a gallery dedicated to contemporary photography and located in Chicago’s River North gallery district, during Chicago Artists Month this October.  The jurors will award First Place, Second Place, and Third Place to their favorite selections.

CLICK HERE for all the information on submitting your photo to the juried show called “Light” that will be showing during Filter Photo Festival.

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Coloratti News | Marcus Bell in Paris and Hong Kong

Coloratti News | Marcus Bell in Paris and Hong Kong
Coloratti News | Marcus Bell in Paris and Hong Kong

X-Rite Coloratti Marcus BellColoratti Marcus Bell will be traveling in the coming few weeks to shoot weddings in Hong Kong and in Europe. As usual he will be taking some time out to teach at two great workshops in two wonderful locations! Marcus is a great believer in the importance of color management. As always he will include discussions of his color workflow as part of the seminars.


On 17 May 2012 Marcus will give a two hour presentation in Hong Kong. This is a presentation of Wedding and Portrait Photograpers of Asia (WPPA).  One of the top ten wedding photographers in the world, Marcus will guide participants through how he captures and creates images that have been his trademark over his career:   “Bringing Photography to Life.”
For additional information visit the WPPA website. CLICK HERE for more information. This will be the first time that Marcus has spoken in Hong Kong do don’t miss it.


On 28 May 2012, Marcus will present a full day seminar about the art of capturing unforgettable moments and  the business of lasting impressions.  In this seminar you will discover the keys that are the artistic  and commercial success of a photographer with international flair. Marcus loves Paris.  He presented there about three years ago and has looked forward to returning ever since. The seminar will be in English and dual translated into French. Two websites contain all the details.

CLICK HERE for details in English

CLICK HERE for details in French

Learn from the best.  Marcus Bell was named one of the Top Ten Wedding Photographers of 2011 by Pop Photo. Take a few minutes out of your day and just enjoy the beautiful images of Marcus Bell at his website called Studio Impressions.

Remember that your color workflow begins with monitor calibration and profiling with X-Rite solutions like i1Display Pro and ColorMunki Display. And if you do your own printing our next generation i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer gives you the ability to make paper profiles with Optical Brightener Compensation (OBC) and much, much more in an elegant, feature packed handheld device. It’s the new color standard in the photo industry. Marcus says, “I’m very intrigued and looking forward to using the new tools now available to photographers. The market demands that we produce a better and better product. Its great to see that we are able to do just that by using quality up to date world class solutions from X-Rite.”

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Coloratti News | Randy Hufford at Home in Maui

Coloratti News | Randy Hufford at Home in Maui
Coloratti News | Randy Hufford at Home in Maui


©2011 Randy Hufford

Coloratti Randy Hufford has spent the last 35 years of his life in paradise… the exact address – Maui, Hawaii. He’s a commercial and fine art photographer who started his photo career in Maui as a surfing photographer.  He advanced surfing photography by putting a water proof housing on a flash in addition to his camera.  This allowed him to capture amazing images of surfers with every droplet of water frozen. He’s been taking photos of Maui ever since. He has perfected a technique for shooting HDR panoramic photos that are simply amazing.  Panoramic photography allows one to capture the kinds of sweeping vistas native to the Hawaiian landscape. And HDR technique allows one to maintain highlight detail in the sun while giving the intricate details in the black lava flows all around the area.

X-Rite Coloratti Randy HuffordRandy is a master printer who is meticulous about the craft of making a photographic print. He depends on X-Rite for every step of his tightly color managed workflow. In his custom printer profiles he prefers high end inkjet paper that uses optical brighteners. Randy spoke about the experience of seeing a quality photographic print in a gallery dimming room,”When you go into a dimming room in a gallery these prints just come alive like a movie!” Optical Brightener Correction (OBC) in i1Profiler sofware allows Randy to create printer/ paper profiles that account for these optical brighteners giving a much closer match to the original than was ever possible before. “I couldn’t believe the difference…there’s a real need for this tool and education about this tool in art reproduction.”

Listen to Randy talking about his life, his art, and his philosophy of abundance:

Randy Hufford Photoshop CafeThese two specialties, Shooting and Processing HDR Panoramas and Photographing Artwork are the subjects of two brand new DVD’s that Randy has just released from Photoshop Cafe.  Both are step by step tutorials with easy to understand modules that allow you to methodically absorb and retain the information to produce beautiful photographs. Photographing Artwork gives you three complete workflows from using DSLR with ColorChecker Passport to medium format digital to view camera with a digital scan back.  And Shooting and Processing HDR Panoramas walks you through four complete shoots covering everything from selecting your gear to tone mapping and batch processing.  Go to Randy’s Institute of Visual Arts website, www.ivamaui.com, for more info on these two new DVD’s. You can also see segments and trailers for the programs to give you a great preview of the programs.

If you’d rather learn from Randy in person and have a great vacation in Hawaii at the same time check out his two “Maui Photo Adventures – HDR Panoramas and Food.”  Enjoy education and photography all day and gourmet food and food photography to boot!  It’s an amazing combination of fun, photography, and food that you won’t forget. Visit www.ivamaui.com for more information.

Coloratti Randy Hufford uses X-Rite professional color management solutions in his digital color workflow. Stop Guessing. Start Knowing.  Find out more about X-Rite color management solutions for digital photographers at www.xritephoto.com.

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Coloratti News | Greg Gorman in Kansas City

Coloratti News | Greg Gorman in Kansas City
Coloratti News | Greg Gorman in Kansas City

On Friday, March 16, 2012 renowned L.A. celebrity photographer and X-Rite Coloratti Greg Gorman returns to his native Kansas City for a presentation at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

Over four decades, Canon Explorer of Light, Greg Gorman has continued to master the art of photography.  From celebrities to portraits, advertising, magazines and fine art, Greg has developed a discriminating and unique photographic style.

One of Greg’s strengths has been photographing celebrities from: Alec Baldwin, Johnny Depp, Leonardo Di Caprio, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Al Pacino and Keira Knightley, Elton John, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Divine, Grace Jones, Andy Warhol, John Waters, David Hockney and Bette Midler, to name a few.

The lecture is free of charge. Registration is recommended to be certain of a seat: ASMP-KC.org

Born in 1949 in Kansas City, Greg attended Pembroke, then Shawnee Mission East High School.  He majored in photojournalism at the University of Kansas, and then moved on to the University of Southern California, graduating with a Master of Fine Arts degree in cinematography in 1972.

Enjoy Greg’s fine art, commercial and nude collections at www.gormanphotography.com.

It is great to be able to bring such a highly regarded photographer back to Kansas City, to inspire the next generation of image-makers. Greg’s ability to blend fine art, commercial and personal work over his 40year career has given him tremendous wisdom and experience that he can also share with today’s artists and professional photographers.                                                      – Jonathan Chester. President. ASMP Kansas City/Mid-America

Many people have seen the work of Greg Gorman, though they may not know it.  As one of the world’s most sought-after celebrity photographers, Gorman, for decades, has helped shape our view of the entertainment industry, creating numerous images of personalities for magazines, movie posters and album covers.                                                                                  – John McMurtrie, SF Gate /San Francisco Chronicle

Coloratti Greg Gorman uses X-Rite professional color management solutions in his digital color workflow. Stop Guessing. Start Knowing.  Find out more about X-Rite color management solutions for digital photographers at www.xritephoto.com.

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Coloratti News | Jim DiVitale’s One Man Show

Coloratti News | Jim DiVitale’s One Man Show

If you’re in Atlanta this Friday evening, October 28th stop into the Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur for the opening of Coloratti Jim Divitale’s first solo fine art exhibit.  The exhibit entitled “Shape and Shadow” will be up at Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur through November 24, 2011. “It is a collection of 20 of my multi-image illustrations of both studio and architectural subjects,” says Jim of the show on his blog called Digital Imaging Tune-Up Clinic with Jim DiVitale.

For a look at a photo gallery of the prints hanging in the show go to Jim’s blog “Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur Exhibit” and click on the picture at the left in that blog post. It will pull up a gallery of images that will give you a good idea of the breadth of the show. Be sure to see the show if you’re in Atlanta between now and November 24, 2011.

Jim’s very busy with lots of other programs. Catch Jim at PPR in Atlanta on Thursday, October 27th from 6:30-9:30 for a program called “The Creative Edge in Digital Photography.” This is a 3 hour program offered free of charge.  Jim will demonstrate creative techniques including Merge to HDR, stitching panoramic images, multi image-compositing for fine art and advertising illustrations and more. Two lucky winners will have a chance to win Colorchecker Passport and ColorMunki Display from X-Rite.

And if you’re in Boston on November 7, 2011 you can catch Jim at a special program by Commercial Industrial Photographers of New England (CIPNE). The event will be held at EP Levine. I’m planning to attend this one myself!

Be sure to check out Jim’s blog Digital Imaging Tune-Up Clinic with Jim DiVitale.  And enjoy an archived version of Jim’s recent webinar with X-Rite Photo and Nik Software.  CLICK HERE to view the webinar On Demand. Jim goes in depth on color management with X-Rite solutions including Colorchecker Passport, ColorMunki Display and ColorMunki Photo. You’ll also see some examples of how he uses Nik Software.

color management, color profile, calibration, ICC, x-rite, xriteCheck out ColorMunki Display and i1Display Pro – both offering the latest in display calibration and profiling technology at www.xritephoto.com.

Stop Guessing. Start Knowing. Get your color workflow under control with color management solutions from X-Rite!

There’s a LOT more for you to enjoy and learn at www.xritephoto.com.  Be sure have a look at the Webinar Archive. Remember to follow X-Rite Photo on Facebook and @xritephoto on Twitter.  Find out more about Color Perfectionists Unite! Photo Contest.

X-Rite Webinars On Demand | Color Management and More for YOUR Busy Lifestyle

X-Rite Webinars On Demand | Color Management and More for YOUR Busy Lifestyle

X-Rite Photo brings you great content via webinars every month.  To get a look at August 2011 webinars CLICK HERE. These webinars offer great content, exciting presenters, and are only about an hour in length. It’s not always easy to take time in the middle of a day during the week to attend these webinars live.  So we archive them so that you can review them when ever you’d like to see them, in the evening, on weekends, even on a holiday!

You can find X-Rite Photo Webinars On Demand by visiting www.xritephoto.com.  Click on the “Learning” tab and then click “Webinars.”  On the page where webinars are listed you’ll find a link to Webinar Archive. Here’s a little walk through the collection with direct links to get you there in a hurry.

When you Travel, Bring your Passport! with Seth Resnick

Join Seth Resnick for helpful tips on shooting in diverse locations, using ColorChecker Passport to make sure your color is right every time, using Lightroom for cataloging and filing, and more.


Color Wildlife Photography Comes to LIFE! with  Juan Pons

Take your wildlife photography to the next level. Join wildlife and nature photographer Juan Pons as he shares with you his techniques for making great wildlife images

Beyond Monitor Calibration – Get Prints That Match Your Display!

For anyone serious about their images, one of the most important considerations is accurate and consistent color. You don’t have to be a color scientist to get the results you want – it really is easy! Joe Brady walks you through using ColorMunki Photo to solve your print matching issues.


color management, color profile, calibration, ICC, x-rite, xriteThere’s a LOT more there for you to enjoy and learn.  Be sure have a look at the Webinar Archive at www.xritephoto.com.

Remember to follow X-Rite Photo on Facebook and @xritephoto on Twitter.  Find out more about Color Perfectionists Unite! Photo Contest where you could win ColorMunki Display and ColorChecker Passport in the August contest.

Stop guessing. Start knowing. Find out more at www.xritephoto.com.


Coloratti News | Art Wolfe Photography Workshop in the Canadian Rockies

Coloratti News | Art Wolfe Photography Workshop in the Canadian Rockies

This just in… Art Wolfe has announced an incredibly special trip to the Canadian Rockies…back country horseback riding, 3 instructors, all inclusive room, board, and transportation after you arrive in Calgary, a week in the majestic landscape of the beautiful Canadian Rockies. But there’s just one catch. This trip is for only FOUR PEOPLE! Yep that’s right. That’s 4 participants, 3 instructors, all inclusive in the beautiful Canadian Rockies.

We spoke to Art on Friday, May 27 when he announced this trip for the first time.  Listen here for details.  You can hear the excitement in his voice!

Click on the link below:

Details will be posted on  blog.artwolfe.com early this week or you can call his office at 206-332-0993. Remember the first four folks to sign up get in and no more.  This will be an amazing opportunity for nearly one on one instruction and great companionship with Coloratti Art Wolfe, Gavriel Jecan, and Chris Martin.

Remember you heard it here first! Stay in touch with X-Rite. We’ve got  webinars, features,  Coloratti news, and MORE coming up in June so be sure to keep reading the blog here.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you don’t miss a thing!


Juan Pons Nature Photography Webinar Brought to you by X-Rite and Nik Software

Juan Pons Nature Photography Webinar Brought to you by X-Rite and Nik Software

Here’s a recipe for a successful webinar. Mix these ingredients in liberal portions:

  • X-Rite Photo color management solutions like ColorChecker Passport and Colormunki Photo
  • Nik Software Silver Efex Pro 2 and other Nik Software
  • Juan Pons, nature photographer and educator

Register now and arrive early.  This is a webinar you’re going to really enjoy.  Thanks to Juan Pons we’re able to offer two sessions of this webinar.  Space is limited.

No matter what kind of photography is your specialty, many of us enjoy relaxing outside experiencing the natural world and animals through the viewfinder of a camera. In this free webinar, wildlife and nature photographer, Juan Pons will share with you some of his best techniques and tips for making exciting nature and wildlife photographs. He will share with you the techniques he uses for attracting wildlife, finding interesting and exciting places to photograph near your home and how to make excellent wildlife and nature images in the process.

Register today don’t delay! Just click on the links below.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 9:00am PDT/12:00pm EDT/ 4:00pm GMT

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 12:00pm PDT/3:00pm EDT/ 7:00pm GMT

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

We’ve got lots more webinars, news, Coloratti news, and MORE coming up in June so be sure to keep reading the blog here.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you don’t miss a thing!


Coloratti News | Andy Biggs and Hot Air Balloons!

Coloratti News | Andy Biggs and Hot Air Balloons!

One of the things on my bucket list is to be in Albuquerque, New Mexico one year for the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. We heard from Coloratti Andy Biggs this morning that he will be there and doing a workshop!  How great would that be? Have a look on Andy’s website: Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Workshop, October 2011.

Michael Clark will join Andy for this extended weekend workshop October 7-9, 2011.  All participants will receive a copy of Micheal’s eBook Adobe Photoshop Lightroom:
 A Professional Photographer’s Workflow, which details his complete workflow from start to finish

This is a hands on affair so this is what you should bring:

• a 35mm digital SLR camera with interchangeable lenses
• a laptop computer with a USB memory key, DVD or external hard drive. Instructors will be using Mac.
• Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software installed on your computer (you can download the 30-day trial version of Lightroom before the workshop if you don’t already have the software.)
• Digital memory cards with a card reader (preferably CompactFlash or Secure Digital Cards)
• power adapters and cables for laptop and digital camera
• camera manual
• batteries and charger for rechargeable batteries

It is expected that you know how to download images from your camera to the laptop, know basic editing techniques using your software, and are able to organize the edited images for critique.

So let’s review… Albuquerque, Andy Biggs with Michael Clark and lots of hot air BALLOONS! Throw in a little rest and relaxation, some blue sky with sun and what could be better?  Plan your trip to Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Workshop, October 2011 and have a look at Andy’s blog The Global Photographer.  Keep following X-Rite Photo on Facebook and @xritephoto on Twitter for the latest information on new products, software updates, information and Coloratti News. And check out webinars and On Demand webinars at www.xritephoto.com.

Coloratti News | Greg Gorman Digital Photographic Workshops

Coloratti News | Greg Gorman Digital Photographic Workshops

This copy for formatting only.

Coloratti Greg Gorman has a star studded workshop schedule in progress for 2011. Greg’s workshops are a unique experience.  “Offering each student a combination of digital photography education and comfortable hospitality, Greg Gorman starts the week long workshop with a ‘meet and greet’ dinner in his home.”  This dinner is cooked by Greg himself and renowned Los Angeles chef Ueli Giezendanner who also prepares the daily lunches.  There’s a level of intimacy and fellowship among the small groups that gather for these workshops.

Daily workshops offer participants opportunities to photograph in the studio and on location.  And every workshop includes time and attention from Greg as well as other greats such as Mac Holbert, Seth Resnick, Katrin Eismann, and Andrew Rodney depending on the session you choose. Don’t miss the opportunity to save $500 on your registration by simply mentioning X-Rite!

Learn more about X-Rite color management solutions for photographers at www.xritephoto.com. And be sure to follow @xritephoto on Twitter and X-Rite Photo on Facebook for information, software and hardware  announcements and more!

Coloratti News: Juan Pons and Wild Nature Tours

Coloratti News: Juan Pons and Wild Nature Tours

I met Juan Pons last year at his home in North Carolina.  Juan has lived there with his wife for several years now after moving there from the Boston area.  Juan is a native of Puerto Rico but has lived on the main land US for most of his life.  He lives is a beautiful place in North Carolina surrounded by trees and a crazy crowing rooster. Juan is co-founder of Digital Photo Experience a collaborative endeavor that brings photographers together to talk about all kinds of technical and not so technical things in a bi-monthly podcast.  But DPE is much more than just a podcast.  Digital Photo Experience is just that… an experience! And Juan is active in just about every aspect of DPE including recording and producing the podcasts, collaborating on producing books and iPhone/iPad apps… you name it, he’s working on it and almost constantly.

He does find time to run his own workshop series called Wild Nature Tours. I talked with him a little bit about his workshops, his photography, and his friendship and collaboration with Rick Sammon when I visited him last year.  Have a listen to a little excerpt here:

One of my favorite things to think about is his Waterfalls of Western North Carolina.  This spring it’s May 25-29, 2011 and as of this morning the website said only two spots left! And there are a lot more opportunities like an Alaska Yacht Cruise, Southwest US Caravan, his Yellowstone and Grand Tetons Fall Workshops… You’ll find something for everyone at Wild Nature Tours and follow Juan on Twitter  @jpons to keep up on all the latest.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for information on Juan’s new X-Rite Webinar on color management for nature photographers coming up in April!  This will be one you don’t want to miss.

Juan is an X-Rite color management solutions user.  He uses ColorMunki Photo, i1Display 2, and ColorChecker Passport.  Learn more about these and other color management solutions for photographers at www.xritephoto.com where you can find a link to the brand new video on ColorMunki Photo, news about upcoming webinars and webinars on demand.

Coloratti News: Focus on Nature International Workshops in Iceland

Coloratti News: Focus on Nature International Workshops in Iceland

If you’ve ever wanted to experience Iceland and enjoy great digital photography workshop content this July and August 2011 is YOUR year! This line up is simply amazing.
Coloratti Einar Erledsson has been busy the past weeks in putting together his program for the 2011 FocusOnNature international photography workshops in Iceland. He’ll be joined by  some of the world’s top photographers including Katrin Eismann, Allen Birnbach, Tony Sweet, Brenda Tharp, Seth Resnick, Arthur Meyerson, Julieanne Kost, and John Paul Caponigro offering their special curricula. This group will present a diverse set of skills including visual storytelling, composition, digital workflow, image enhancement, and much more combined with guided by élite team of professional locals, workshops you do not want to miss!

  • From Many to One with Katrin Eismann
  • Fine Art Nude Photo Workshop in Iceland with Allen Birnbach
  • Exploring the Land of the Midnight Sun with Tony Sweet
  • Dramatic Iceland: Creating the Expressive Photograph with Brenda Tharp
  • Creating Killer Images in Iceland with Seth Resnick
  • The Color of Iceland with Arthur Meyerson
  • Pursuing Your Personal Project in Iceland with Julieanne Kost
  • Destination Iceland with John Paul Caponigro

The Focus on Nature website says, “Each workshop is made unique by the instructor’s strengths and passions, customized for individual participants, and guided to unique destinations at specific times. No two workshop experiences are ever the same. FocusOnNature is guided by Icelandic natives, working professional photographers, with a lifelong experience, connection, and commitment to the place and its culture. Fluent in both the native tongue and its ways, you simply can’t find better guides, who mix high adventure and gracious hospitality. Their local knowledge and insider information will send you along hidden byways where you’ll find people and places you’d never find on your own. And their passion is to serve and make your stay enjoyable and unforgettable.”

For complete information about the Focus on Nature 2011 Workshops visit Focus on Nature International Photography Workshops in Iceland.