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Color Spaces, Part 2.


by eduardoangel – June 29th, 2009

by Eduardo Angel

In Color Spaces, Part 1, we talked about how working color spaces are device-independent and define the set of colors available to work with when editing images in applications like Photoshop.

Device color spaces simply describe the range of colors, or gamut, that a camera can see, a printer can print, or a monitor can display.

Most current DSLR’s and even point and shoot cameras support Adobe RGB. Some medium format Digital Backs even shoot natively in ProPhoto RGB.

Other RGB color spaces are ISO RGB, Extended ISO RGB, scRGB, ROMM RGB, NTSC, PAL/SECAM,  and Apple RGB.


I generally recommend using sRGB for the web because it is closer to the color space of most current monitors . Using Adobe RGB for images intended to a website, for example, will show washed-out looking colors in most browsers.

For printing I recommend using a color space which contains all the colors that the final output device (printer) can render. Adobe RGB 1998 works great 99.9% of the time. Using a color space with an excessively wide gamut can lead into posterization.  More on printing and using ICC printer profiles soon!

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  1. Eduardo – I think you’re giving great advice here – in particular, more photographers should know about repurposing image color space to suit useage.

    David Saffir

  2. Hey Some good content on here. Good work.

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