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by eduardoangel – July 9th, 2009

by Eduardo Angel

We all have a few restaurants that we love, but don’t really wanna share them with too many people, so they don’t get too crowded, too popular and too expensive, and then we have too find a new one, right? Well, I am the same way with some websites that I find very interesting, funny, or helpful, but for whatever reason I don’t wanna share with everybody. Today I’ve decided to share this awesome website that I find especially handy when designing a website or blog or simply looking for new ideas. Colourlovers has an almost endless amount of useful info including searchable palettes, colors, patterns and trends by score, hue, date, or several other criteria.


The “random” feature is very cool and the blog often has interesting articles like today’s “Colorful Architecture.” OK, I shared one of my “secret” websites and I hope you enjoy it, but don’t share it with too many people! Now is your turn to share one.

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