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by eduardoangel – July 14th, 2009

by Eduardo Angel

We live in constant information overload. At least I do. Work email, personal email, the other personal email, Facebook, financial news, software updates, travel deals, and of course, spam… There are a lot of good (and free!) resources out there that we don’t see. I personally find video tutorials and podcasts very easy to follow and understand even though I think there’s a LOT of room for technical improvement.

In this short video, Vincent Laforet demostrates the i1 Xtreme. What is cool about this video is that Vincent talks about his own (and very real) workflow and shares some details about the image he is working on.

I am very interested to know how often do you use video tutorials and/or podcasts and where do you get them.

Vincent Laforet and X-Rite i1 XTreme

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