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Color Blindness in Photoshop CS4.


by eduardoangel – August 25th, 2009

by Eduardo Angel

Did you know that Photoshop CS4 supports Color Universal Design (CUD) through its soft proofing features? CUD basically simulates color blindness, enabling the userĀ  to see what the image will look like for people with different types of color blindness. Sounds awesome right? This allows you to create accessible signage and other artwork.

To select that option go to View/Proof Setup/Color Blindness.


The most common types of color blindness are protanopia (blindness to red) and deuteranopia (blindness to green). About one-third of color blind people are completely blind to red or green; most of the remainder have milder forms of color blindness.


A. Original image. B. Color-blind proof. C. Optimized design.

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