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Colors for the Web, Part 1.


by eduardoangel – August 4th, 2009

by Eduardo Angel

Let’s start with the basics; colors and browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Netscape, etc). If we are viewing an image using a color-managed browser, we shouldn’t see any major color shifts. Simple right? How does that work? Well, the browser’s engine reads the image’s embedded color profile information, analyzes your monitor’s specs and adjusts the pixels so you can see them correctly. All within milliseconds!

For many years, web designers have been using the “web-safe color palette” also known as “browser-safe palette.” The palette was developed many years ago, when most monitors were only capable of displaying 256 colors. Interestingly enough, the palette only contains 216 colors out of a possible 256. The “missing” 40 colors displayed differently between PCs and MACs and because of that they were eliminated.

The chart below shows the 216 remaining cross-platforms and cross-browsers colors.


On the next post I’ll talk about color-managed browsers and a couple of cool plug-ins.

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