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Color Spaces in Lightroom.


by eduardoangel – September 1st, 2009

by Eduardo Angel

I already wrote about Color Spaces. Now let’s talk about how Lightroom works with them.

RAW  files do not have embedded color profiles and Lightroom assumes a wide color space based on the color values of the ProPhoto RGB color space. To provide information in the histogram and RGB value display in the Develop module, Lightroom assumes a gamma value of approximately 2.2.

In the Library module Lightroom stores Low and Medium quality previews in the Adobe RGB color space, and High quality previews in ProPhoto RGB. These previews are also used when printing in draft mode.

For rendered files such as TIFF, JPEG, and PSD files, Lightroom uses the image’s embedded color profile to display the image, histogram, and color values. If the image doesn’t have an assigned profile, Lightroom assumes the sRGB profile.

LR screenshot

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