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ColorChecker Passport


by eduardoangel – September 15th, 2009

by Eduardo Angel.

There’s a new kid on the block. The ColorChecker Passport is a powerful new tool for an Adobe® Raw workflow. It’s a pocket size, self standing case with three photographic targets. It comes with software to  create custom DNG profiles with the most popular Adobe photo apps (Lightroom, ACR, Photoshop, Elements and Bridge).


The idea is to dramatically reduce image processing time and improve quality control by quickly capturing accurate color, enhancing portraits and landscapes and maintaining color control and consistency through your workflow.

The three included targets are:

-White Balance Target Value designed to create in-camera white balance.

-Classic Target Value for Color Consistency with 24 color patches and to be used with the included software, so you can build camera specific DNG profiles.

-The third target is the Enhancement Target Value for Creative Editing with warming and cooling patches which allow you to change the white balance values to neutral values with the level of warming or cooling you choose. Cool uh?


The software comes in two flavors, a VERY handy and easy to use Lightroom plug-in and as a standard desktop application.


And wait, there’s more! Interactive training is vailable via xritephoto.com upon registration and a DVD is available upon request.

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6 responses to “ColorChecker Passport”

  1. Ken Frazer says:

    I just bought a passport and have successfully generated a profile with a converted DNG file (shoot Nikon). My question is, once that profile is generated, will it only work with DNG’s (do I have to convert all files to DNG first, then apply the profile?) or can I click on it from the drop down in the Nikon format.

    thanks, Ken Frazer

  2. Robert says:

    Doesn’t the Adobe Labs DNG profile editor along with a standard Xrite color checker accomplish the exact same thing as the Passport software. Even more, the Adobe version allows additional fine tuning of individual color patches and contrast before creating the profile. Put another way, does the Passport software bring anything new and improved to this process? Thanks.

    • The ColorChecker Passport device and software do create both single and dual illuminant profiles. So in that sense, yes it does the same thing, namely create DNG profiles. ColorChecker software and the Lightroom plugin offer an easier to use solution with an easy to understand interface. And while the ColorChecker Passport does include the 24 patch classic ColorChecker it also includes a white card for in camera white balance for those times or cameras where you are not shooting a RAW workflow that can be easily white balanced after the fact AND the new enhanced target. This enhanced target is brand new and in addition to providing you with an expanded grey ramp and a hue ramp we have offered you, for the first time, an option to cool or warm your white balance accomplishing “film like” white balances that are completely repeatable.
      Thanks for your observation that Adobe’s DNG profile editor is based on the 24 patch classic ColorChecker. You can also use a regular ColorChecker to produce profiles in ColorChecker Passport software.
      And don’t forget to register your Passport for access to the new DNG profile editor and an extensive video tutorial on the product.
      Brenda K. Hipsher

  3. Marvin Mattelson says:

    I registered my CC passport and was sent an email which included links to both the tutorial and the DNG profile editor for both Windows and Mac. I have a Mac Pro and successfully downloaded the tutorial, but when I tried to download the Mac version of the DNG profile editor all I got was a page of code. Just to see if I could, I downloaded the Windows version with no problem. How can I download the Mac version? This is all very frustrating.

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