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Lightroom Plugin for ColorChecker Passport.


by eduardoangel – September 29th, 2009

by Eduardo Angel

Using the Lightroom plugin for the ColorChecker Passport to build a DNG profile is pretty simple.

First things first, download and install the ColorChecker Passport software.


Good, now open the properly exposed RAW image of the ColorChecker target that you shot took. Check this handy link for more info regarding “Exposure Verification and Correction.”

Remember that the target has to be a RAW image, a JPG won’t work. The software will analyze the image and make all the adjustments automatically, so there’s no need to make any changes including White Balance.

Now, let’s go to File>Export.

DNG LR tutorial 01

Under “presets” (on the left), you should see “Color Checker Passport”. Click it.

DNG LR tutorial 02

Name your profile. I always use my location and the lighting situation, for example: Hawaii_Cloudy. It is not necessary to include the camera model in the name because the resulting profile will only be available when you are editing images from that camera. Nice.

Now you should see a progress bar in the upper left corner. Either get some coffee or continue working while Lightroom finishes the profile.

DNG LR tutorial 03

The new profile will be created automatically and placed in the location where Adobe stores DNG profiles for Camera RAW and Lightroom.

Make sure that you relaunch Lightroom before selecting the new DNG profile.

To apply your brand new profile, go to the Develop module and select the image you want to work on.

In the right panel, scroll down, down and down to “Camera Calibration” and select the Profile pull-down. Choose the new DNG profile from this list.

Done. Any questions?

Keep in mind, this new profile can also be used by all ACR applications, such as Photoshop, Bridge and Elements. If you want to create DNG Profiles in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements click here.

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21 responses to “Lightroom Plugin for ColorChecker Passport.”

  1. Adam says:

    I purchased ColorChecker Passport and I`m happy with that. However, I read another blog yesterday in which someone wrote that you must correct WB before applying conversion. I got a little bit confused because of this. I work either on PS and LT. Both programs seems to handle everything fine, but I`m still confused about WB. let@s say I want to make Daylight profile in the sun and another in the shade. I took pictures of Passport. One with Aparature and another in Auto mode. I came back home opened in PS and found the one shot in the sun overexposed. A lot of red squares. In this case I had to play with recovery and WB which I changed manually to Daylight. After all this I made profile. Could someone point me to really good tutorial where they will show me step by step profile making?

  2. ROBERT TURNER says:

    I have created a DNG profile in LR2 and located the profile in calibration section of develop module. I used the profile for images in the same folder of images in which the profile was created. When I opened another folder in LR2 and attempted to use the profile it was no longer listed in the calibration profiles. The profile is only active in the folder in which it was created. How do I retain the profiles under the calibration section for future use.

    • Robert,
      Two thoughts on your comment regarding the unavailability of a DNG profile when you change folders.
      First and most obviously, when you change folders you have to reselect the Library module to make the profiles accessible.
      Secondly if the images from the alternate folder are shot on a different camera, the profile you made will not be accessible for that folder.
      If neither of these options explains the issue then please contact our customer success folks so that we can work on the issue with you.
      Brenda K. Hipsher

  3. JasonB says:

    I installed the passport software, twice even, and the plugin does not appear in lightroom 3. What am I doing wrong?

  4. Scott says:

    I have just purchased the Passport and installed the software and cannot find the LR plug-in either. And I have to add that I had to search through the support database to finally find the location of the serial number so I could register my product and get access to what I had paid for. I am not impressed by the quality of your attention to the user’s ability to access your product.

    I hope the quality of the product is better once find out how to access it.

    – Scott

    • Scott,
      My apologies for the serial number not being more apparent. It is located on the last panel of the Passport at the bottom left and is unique to each Passport instrument. There are many, many blogs, videos, tutorials, webinars, etc. online with various points of view on the use of Passport. Please enjoy the two free additions to the software that came with your Passport namely the DNG Profile Manager and the video training produced by X-Rite.
      We look forward to hearing your experience with ColorChecker Passport. Thank you for using X-Rite color solutions for photographers.
      Brenda K. Hipsher

  5. AbuAbdullah says:

    Thank you very much for the breif detailed and clear steps. Very usefull.

  6. Carla says:

    I have installed the software and have gone to export a photo however the x-rite is not showing up under my presets. Suggestions?

  7. Chris Hunt says:

    I’ve generated the colour checker passport dng successfully acording to the program and i’ve shutdown lightroom 4 as directed. on start up under camera calibration I only have adobe standard, no sign of mine but it is in the folder Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles. any Idears.



  8. Carlos says:

    I have installed the software and I have worked with the image but in export I do not see the option color checker passport. If I create a new profile, it does not appear in lightroom or photoshop either. Can you please help me?

    • Brenda K. Hipsher says:

      Adobe products have a “quirk” that requires the program to be restarted when a profile of any kind is created when the software is open. If you need additional assistance please contact cmsupport@xrite.com. These folks will assist you further.
      Brenda Hipsher

  9. Can someone update these instructions for the current (summer 2018) versions of Lightroom. There is no longer a Camera Calibration panel in LR. I don’t know where to go to set the profile.

  10. Michele Stapleton says:

    Can someone update these instructions for summer 2018? There is no longer a “Camera Calibration” module in the Develop panel of Lightroom. I don’t know where to go to find the profile. Thanks.

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