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Coloratti News – iPhone Apps by Rick Sammon


by Brenda K. Hipsher – May 25th, 2010

by Brenda K. Hipsher

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I’m downloading iPhone Apps this morning. Now on its own there’s nothing particularly unusual about that.  I’ve been known to use my iPhone for everything from business emails, to chats at appropriate and inappropriate times, to an adult pacifier when I’m bored.  I even fell asleep with my iPhone in the bed one night and literally panicked when I couldn’t find it in the morning… but I digress.

The difference is that I’m downloading apps this morning from someone I know!  Rick Sammon has two new apps and one that has been up since about the beginning of the year.  That early one called DPE is free and brings you Rick Sammon and Juan Pons up close and personal offering tips, advice, news, and information.

The second app I downloaded is one that I saw on Rick’s phone at the Palm Springs Photo Festival in May. It’s called Rick Sammon’s 24/7 Photo Buffet and it’s really a fun app based on developing a photograph by using a three step method…. “seeing, making, and editing.”  There are short lessons built into the app that are easy to navigate from the bottom of the main page.  And even more in “tips” and a “help” file! It has lots and lots of photos, movies and more.  I really enjoy it and it’s just packed with information. You can find it very easily by just doing a search on Rick Sammon in the iTunes store or check out the “Apps” tab on his website at ricksammon.com.

And the third one for me this morning is Rick’s most recent addition to the iTunes app store.  It’s called Rick Sammon’s Social Media Marketing for Photographers. This app is comprised of 5 movies made up of Rick’s Keynote presentations on social media marketing and narrated by Rick himself! This is solid info that you can access whenever you like from where ever you like.  Take it with you and turn waiting time in to learning time for using social media to your advantage.

Rick just packs his website with all kinds of information. You can find links to everything he’s up to at www.ricksammon.com.  There is information on workshops, plug-ins, articles, and much more.  So visit the site and plan to spend some time exploring.  There was a time, not so long ago, that getting this kind of information was difficult and often only by traveling to conferences and seminars where folks like Rick shared their knowledge with the rest of us.  Now we can learn on the go, get access to tons of info on their websites, and even become a fan on Facebook or follow them on Twitter!  And you can always get to Rick from our Coloratti section of www.xritephoto.com.

You can also see Rick’s video on HDR at XritePhoto.com. Learn more everyday about photography and color management solutions like ColorMunki Photo, i1Display 2, i1XTreme, ColorChecker Passport and more at XritePhoto.com.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with software updates, new product releases, Coloratti news, “how-to” blog posts and more!

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