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John Paul Caponigro at Blurb "How to Make a Gorgeous Photo Book" in Toronto


by Brenda K. Hipsher – May 20th, 2010

by Brenda K. Hipsher

What a great event we’re just wrapping up in Toronto featuring John Paul Caponigro speaking for Blurb.  Suzanne is going through the specifications of what is available using Booksmart, the easy to use software that is free for making your photo book! Here is an audio from an interview I did with him just before the event.

John Paul Caponigro on the Blurb event in Toronto and the role of color management in bookmaking. Click the link to hear the audio.

Here’s another clip where John Paul talks about reproducing good B&W and using Booksmart software to produce your book. Click the link to hear the audio.

Click on this link as he speaks about some practical uses for Blurb books both professionally and personally. Click the link to hear the audio.

John Paul speaking at Blurb event at 918 Bathurst in Toronto

During John Paul’s presentation he spoke about growing up in the household of a designer and a photographer. John Paul’s mother was a graphic designer who designed many wonderful photo books including Eliot Porter’s Intimate Landscapes and many others.  She worked with Scitex machines in the very early days of digital imaging and referred to the huge machines that allowed us to manipulate digital images for the first time as “million dollar coloring books!” John Paul saw the digital side of the industry very, very early when most of us did not even know it existed.  He points out that there has been more change in our short time in the photo industry than in the entire preceding 175 years of development.The evolution of photo books has changed dramatically but photo books are still powerful tools, powerful artistic media forms, and powerful sources of pride in our work. And it’s a way to keep our work accessible!

“It’s the rare book that makes a lot of money but making money is often not our objective when creating our photo book.” John Paul covered lots and lots of history of photo books and technical aspects of producing photo books. Many of these resources are available on his website.  Check out his “Six Simple Steps” for color management. John Paul polled the audience asking them, “How many of you own a colorimeter or other device to profile your monitor?”  He then said, “The rest of you… the first thing when you leave here, go buy a device to profile your monitor.”  He accented the reality that if your monitor is not profiled you’re “stabbing in the dark” as to what the colors in your file really are!

So if you haven’t already, go back to the links above and have a listen to the audio he shared with us before the event.

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