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Coloratti News – Marc Aguilera on HP Blog


by Brenda K. Hipsher – July 14th, 2010

by Brenda K. Hipsher

Marc Aguilera is busy these days. Along with running his own color consultancy company ColorCritical, Marc is busy teaching and writing his own blog, and blogging for HP.  He has just posted a blog at HP on projector profiling.  Here’s some of what he has to say.

“More and more photographers are using LCD projectors to show slide shows of their images to groups of clients, friends, or workshop attendees. Although digital projectors evolved from the projectors used to show 35mm slides, they don’t work the same, primarily because digital color needs to be controlled differently than the fixed colors associated with processed film.
How many of us have seen awful color come out of a seemingly decent, modern LCD projector? I have not only attended presentations in which the color has been completely off, but have also struggled with my own equipment.
Luckily, I own color-management software and hardware and have learned some tips to get the best color from a digital projector.”

Read the entire blog post on the HP blog.  And see some examples of the results on Marc’s own blog called ColorCritical: A Color Management Blog.

Marc uses the X-Rite i1 XTreme for projector profiling.  This set consits of an X-Rite i1 Pro spectrophotometer with projector profiling module activated, held by an accessory called a Beamer Holder, and attached to i1 Match software.  The device is pointed toward the screen while the software projects colors. These colors are read in a reflective mode taking into account the projector output, the screen, and the ambient light in the room.  It’s important to understand that projector profiles are specific not only to the projector you’re using but also specific to the screen, the ambient light, and the graphics card of the computer driving the projector.

You can also catch up with Marc at UCSD where he will be teaching a class at the extension complex called Color Management for Photographers.  The class will meet 6 times on Wednesdays from 6:30-9:30 between September 22 and October 27, 2010.  If you’re in the San Diego area this is a chance to take a traditional classroom style course in color management tailored specifically for photographers.  He’ll be using Tim Grey’s book Color Confidence: The Digital Photographer’s Guide to Color Management (Tim Grey Guides) (Paperback) (2nd Edition) ISBN: 9780471786160 as the text for the course.

Thanks Marc for keeping us up on what’s going on with you!

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