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Coloratti News: XritePhotoWalks at Photokina 2010 Update


by Brenda K. Hipsher – September 24th, 2010

by Brenda K. Hipsher

By now all three XritePhotoWalks are in the books and thanks to all the participants and to Jens Petersen and Vincent Versace our X-Rite Coloratti PhotoWalk leaders and Chris Halford and Thomas Kunz from X-Rite. A good time was had by all!

We’ve created a group on Flickr called X-Rite @ Photokina 2010 where you’ll find photos by X-Rite family and friends.  Please feel free to add your own from your experiences with X-Rite at Photokina 2010. When you’re finished here go on over and check it out. Here are a couple of samples.

X-Rite Coloratti Jens Petersen and Vincent Versace Lead XritePhotoWalks at Photokina 2010

Formating only

X-Rite Coloratti Jens Petersen was joined by Thomas Kunz for an XritePhotoWalk in the historical center city of Cologne. Here’s Jens talking with participants in front of historic Cologne Cathedral. This XritePhotoWalk was conducted in German language. Many beautiful and historic options were available to photograph in the late afternoon light.  It was  a beautiful day in Cologne as Jens and the walkers enjoyed the day and got some great shots.

Formating only

Formating only

X-Rite Coloratti Vincent Versace met walkers on two mornings for XritePhotoWalks along the Rhine River and in Rhinepark in the heart of Cologne.  The early morning light was a beautiful backdrop for the photos.  Here Vincent speaks to the group as one member sets up to photograph flowers.

Both Jens and Vincent spoke with participants about their own shooting style, equipment, and tips for special situations.  Participants had opportunities to shoot, talk with the leaders, get information on color management from Thomas Kunz and Chris Halford of X-Rite and just enjoy the beautiful city of Cologne.

Check out this cool video of Vincent during the first of his XritePhotoWalks as he talks with participants about techniques for hand holding your camera for sharp pictures at low shutter speeds. The video is © Joan Vendrell http://www.joanvendrell.com.

Check out the photos on the Flickr Group X-Rite @ Photokina 2010 for more great photos from XritePhotoWalks at Photokina 2010! And remember you’re invited to add your photos to this group with scenes from X-Rite at Photokina 2010.

See our other blog posts on all the happenings for X-Rite at Photokina 2010.

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