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FREE ColorChecker Camera Profiling Tools from X-Rite


by Brenda K. Hipsher – November 1st, 2010

by Brenda K. Hipsher

Now you can get perfect color from capture to monitor to output with a new promotion announced on Friday from X-Rite Photo. When you purchase X-Rite i1Display 2, i1Display LT, and ColorMunki Photo you’ll get a FREE mini ColorChecker Classic target plus links to software that will allow you to create custom camera profiles. The promotion is good for purchases made on or after 10/28/10. Click Here to READ MORE

According to www.xritephoto.com –  “To receive your profiling tools and, simply purchase a new i1Display 2, i1Display LT or ColorMunki Photo from any authorized dealer and register your purchase at xritephoto.com. It’s that simple. You’ll receive a mini ColorChecker Classic by mail along with a link to download the latest version of the ColorChecker Camera Profiling Software. Product Registration Required.” 

The first step in any digital workflow is a properly calibrated and profiled monitor. Make your decision whether ColorMunki Photo, i1Display 2, or i1Display LT is right for you.  And profile your monitor so you’ll see colors properly displayed on your monitor. Then use the Free Camera Profiling Tools to make sure your captured colors are the real colors you shot!

This is your starter kit for custom camera profiles for either single illuminant (one color of light) or dual illuminant (a range of color temperatures) custom camera profiles.  You can test drive ColorChecker Passport software to find out why there’s such a buzz about the easy to use workflow that can get your to one click color correction and custom white balance in your ACR workflow.  Using Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom makes it easy to get the colors your shot into your processed files.

It’s easy to use. Just shoot the ColorChecker Classic target, produce the profile, assign the profile to your target shot, do a custom white balance and BANG! The color you captured is there on the screen. Then select the photos shot in that light with that camera and sync them all to the target shot.  Now you’re ready to process your files in a flash. No more sitting and tweaking to get them “close enough.”  You’ve got picture perfect color every time in no time! Accept no substitutes. This is a special mini version of the ColorChecker Classic target that’s been an industry standard for decades.

When you purchase ColorMunki Photo or any i1Display product you’ll get a free mini ColorChecker Classic and the software.  And you’ll get a free storage case for your i1Display product in addition!  Now’s the time to stop wasting time and money and get the color you shot every time in no time.

And when you’ve gotten a taste of what custom camera profiles can do for your workflow move up to ColorChecker Passport in a hardshell durable case that’s easy to carry and easy to hold.  Then you’ll be able to take full advantage of the new Enhanced target in ColorChecker Passport that gives you the ultimate white balance versatility and classic “film looks” that are repeatable and predictable. For more information on using this great product check out the video: Powerful Adobe® Raw Workflow Color Tool from Capture to Edit

To find out more visit www.xritephoto.com and keep following us here and on Facebook and Twitter!

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3 responses to “FREE ColorChecker Camera Profiling Tools from X-Rite”

  1. Merchon Cottrell says:

    Do not buy a ColorMunki Photo. The software is not supported by X-Rite and has not been updated in over a year!

  2. The link doesn’t have the info for the free promotion on it. Where is it?

    • The free profiling tools are available on Display2, DisplayLT, and on ColorMunki Photo purchases. When you register your device you will receive the FREE mini ColorChecker device and links to download ColorChecker Passport software. Enjoy!

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