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Chris Orwig on TED | Talking About Visual Poetry


by Brenda K. Hipsher – December 16th, 2010

by Brenda K. Hipsher

Yesterday morning Twitter was atwitter with news of Chris Orwig‘s TED talk. Chris is an author, a professor at Brooks Institute, has lot’s of titles on Lynda.com, is a photographer and certainly a poet in prose.

I first met Chris over a lovely dinner in April 2010 at Palm Springs Photo Festival with Keith Carter, Rick Sammon and others. The picture here is exactly the way I think of Chris Orwig… always smiling.  I watched the TED talk… actually a couple of times… and enjoyed hearing Chris talk about his new book Visual Poetry. I had a quick look at the table of contents of the book and realized I really wanted to hear more about the book and what’s behind it. Chris was very generous and made time to talk with me by phone.

Click on the icon below and hear a portion of our conversation:


One of the most interesting things about Visual Poetry is that gear and making a living at photography is addressed only at the END of the book.  When I asked Chris about that he said, “[The book is] gear agnostic…. it’s not dependent on gear… My hope is to get people interested in the personality of  gear versus the technical specifications, meaning I think a 50mm lens is kind of an ‘honest’ lens… getting to know a lens from that perspective.  Other lenses are dramatic or they’re really sweeping and show lines in interesting ways…. Then looking at trying to get paid to do things we love to do.”  Chris has a lot of “guest speakers” in the book. It’s a really interesting technique to bring in other voices in dialogue with Chris. If you don’t know Chris Orwig check out his website, his blog called “The Flip Side”, the school he loves Brooks Institute, his titles on Lynda.com. and watch the TED talk below.  You’ll be glad you did.

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