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Coloratti News | Seth Resnick and D65


by Brenda K. Hipsher – February 13th, 2011

Coloratti Seth Resnick is a busy guy but a couple of weeks ago he took some time out to talk to X-Rite Photo about his travel, his philosophy of creativity, and his plans for workshops this year. We talked about all kinds of things including the new book D65’s Lightroom Workbook available on the D65 website and at Amazon. Listen to the audio by clicking the icon below:


He’s just arrived back from Africa taking some personal time to be away from cell phones and email and just take pictures. You can read about his amazing trip on his blog. Check out the last post on the series called Botswana Part 11 last part and most amazing…

D65 Workflow Workshops in Miami and New York

It’s been a long winter from Boston to Dallas this year.  So why not consider a “working vacation” in Miami with Seth and partner Jamie Spritzer,  March 7-10 for a Workflow (not work slow) Workshop.  Or if you enjoy New York city in the Spring, register for April 10-13 at Dakota Studio on Fifth Avenue in New York. Either way you’ll increase your productivity, reduce your post production time, and enjoy the learning process with these two great photographic professionals.

Here’s what the D65 website says about Workflow Workshops: “The D-65 workshops are a dynamic resource for photographers of any level. Our 4-day intensive will equip you with the tools to manage your work efficiently, effectively, and effortlessly.

Utilizing the 5 modules of Lightroom 3 we’ll teach you detailed workflow, digital asset management, processing and image delivery. You’ll also learn to tag, name, size, and sharpen your images so they’re perfect for reproduction. Plus, you’ll become an expert in keeping every image you shoot organized and archived.”

You’ll also learn how important color management is for an efficient workflow.  Seth uses ColorChecker Passport and i1Pro solutions to keep his color on target. You can see Seth in action with ColorChecker Passport at the end of this post.  We’ve included a video there featuring Seth and Passport.

You can also listen to Webinars with Seth Webinars with Seth from your own computer. Choose from various aspects of Lightroom, archving, the business of photography and more.

For more on Seth Resnick and D65 visit them at www.d-65.com. There you’ll find links to register for his classic Workflow (not work slow) Workshops, the great series of Creative Workshops, and registrations for available webinars.

And stay tuned for more information on a great new travel webinar he’ll be doing for X-Rite in March. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be sure you get the info for when to register for this new webinar “When you Travel, Bring your Passport.” We don’t want you to miss this!

Enjoy this video of Seth using X-Rite ColorChecker Passport and learn more about Passport and other X-Rite color management solutions at www.xritephoto.com.

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