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Coloratti News: Art Wolfe – Photography Workshops and Education


by Brenda K. Hipsher – March 9th, 2011

Coloratti Art Wolfe travels the world photographing and producing his PBS television series Travels to the Edge. I wrote a blog last year about my experience just flipping channels on a Sunday morning and stumbling across this great series.  I still watch it whenever I can and enjoy the images, learning about the cultures and the people.  It’s just a great series.

And Art stays good and busy doing lots of other things.  Of course he has the Art Wolfe blog, the Art Wolfe Photography Fan Club on Facebook and  his Twitter account @artwolfe is a great stream of info, tips, notes on upcoming workshops and more. You can see the full listing of all his workshops and seminars at artwolfeworkshops.com.  I noticed this morning that he has extended the tour into 2011 for his seminar called The Art of Composition. Not only should it win the prize for best play on words in the photo industry but it’s a really great program. I was privileged to sit in on this seminar twice last year.  And I can tell you that the images I saw and the things I heard are still with me. This is an informative and educational seminar to be sure. But it is also a feast for the eyes and a rest for the spirit… a rare combination in my experience.

Art Wolfe concentrates on his composition and his art in part because he knows how to visualize what he wants to capture. And he’s able to concentrate on that and be assured he can capture his vision with accuracy and consistency in part because he is diligent about color management and uses X-Rite Professional Solutions to accomplish that. If you’re in or near Chicago, Calgary, Baltimore, Atlanta, Vancouver, Minneapolis or St. Louis check out The Art of Composition.

Learn more about X-Rite color management solutions for photographers at www.xritephoto.com and get your mind on your vision not on worrying about whether you can “fix it” or ever get a print you like. From capture with ColorChecker Passport to monitor and print with ColorMunki Photo or i1 Professional solutions you’re sure to agree that DOING color management is a lot less work and worry than NOT doing it!

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