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ColorChecker Passport Goes to School | Hallmark Institute of Photography


by Brenda K. Hipsher – March 21st, 2011

by Brenda K. Hipsher

Nestled in the foothills of the Berkshire mountains in Western Massachusetts, Hallmark Institute of Photography is in the middle of another year of training and educating the photographers of the future.  Now over 30 years old Hallmark Institute of Photography is an accelerated 10 month intensive program designed to give students the tools for a career in photography. The curriculum is rich in technical instruction and practical shooting skills and includes important training in the business of photography.  Their guest speaker series features photographers from a variety of concentrations from commercial to wedding to documentary and editorial.

With a world class facility and dedicated faculty Hallmark helps its students reach their highest potential.  A new addition to the student toolbox this year is ColorChecker Passport by X-Rite. Executive Director of Education Lisa Robinson says ColorChecker Passport is helping students understand color as they’re learning. “Students are getting consistent results … they’re still in training, they’re evaluating color and they’re learning much more quickly what good color is and how to make the print.. BE the experience of what they shot,” says Robinson. She adds that this consistency frees students to put their energy and creativity into their photography with complete confidence that the result is predictable and consistent. Each student uses Passport for in camera white balance and to create camera profiles. Hallmark was one of the first schools in the US to adopt Passport as an integral part of their curriculum in digital photography with each student using Passport consistently.

Learn more about Hallmark Institute of Photography and ColorChecker Passport by X-Rite. If you are a student or educator be sure to visit www.mac-on-campus.com for more information on X-Rite solutions for education in photography.

Stop guessing and hoping for good color using a trial and error approach. ColorChecker Passport and X-Rite color management solutions for monitor, projector and print can free your mind and money to produce beautiful images and enjoy creating your vision.

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2 responses to “ColorChecker Passport Goes to School | Hallmark Institute of Photography”

  1. A great move from both Hallmark and X-Rite. Sadly, it came a year too late for this particular Hallmark alumnus. We were limited to the ol’ reliable Gretag-Macbeth Original Colorchecker. Not exactly as pocket-friendly as the Passport 🙂

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