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March is ColorMunki Photo Month on Blogs!


by Brenda K. Hipsher – March 23rd, 2011

It seems like lots of people are discovering ColorMunki Photo all over again! This great tool has been available for some time but this month has given us some great blog posts about ColorMunki Photo.  And don’t forget the wonderful new video on ColorMunki Photo just released. We blogged about that earlier this month right here. Check it out here: Take Control of Color from Capture to Edit to Output.

Here’s just a taste of what other folks have been saying about ColorMunki Photo in March 2011.

Awake the Light Photographic Tours and Workshops

I met Mollie Isaacs and Mary Linkjem  of Awake the Light Photographic Tours and Workshops in Virginia last year at the Mid-Atlantic Nature Photography Expo. We talked about color management for nature photographers and why it’s important.  I was delighted when they sent me a link to their Awake the Light Blog earlier this month featuring their experience with ColorMunki Photo. Here’s just a tidbit from the post, “The calibration significantly improved the color integrity of the laptop, specifically in the contrast range. Now when I present our slide shows using my laptop, I no longer cringe at the projected image.”  Check out the entire post at Awake the Light Blog and enjoy the website for Awake the Light Photographic Tours and Workshops.

Monitor Calibration Review Blog

Another blog entry out there is called How the ColorMunki Photo distinguishes itself from the crowd details some of the extra features of ColorMunki Photo software including Color Picker and Digital Pouch. “Photographers know that it is essential to have perfect color. Nowadays, people are often working with several different color-sensitive devices in their workflow. Monitor, printer, maybe projector. It can prove tricky to get the same profile from one end of the process to the other. The ColorMunki Photo makes sure that you have accurate color from beginning to end, so you can stop wasting time and money on trial-and-error color corrections.”

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