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NEW X-Rite i1 Professional Solutions Shipping!


by Brenda K. Hipsher – April 6th, 2011

i1Photo Pro has Landed

featuring all new i1Profiler software

The long awaited day is here!  X-Rite i1 Professional solutions, which includes the new i1Photo Pro, are now available. Each solution features the all-new i1Profiler software application designed to delivers superior color results!  i1Profiler is driven by a new color engine, sports a dual mode interface (basic and advanced) and new quality assurance features, plus so much more. The new i1Photo Pro was designed specifically for discerning photographers to attain the highest quality color results and color control throughout your complex digital photo workflow, at a very attractive price.

The new portfolio is comprised of three software/hardware/target bundles ­– i1Basic Pro, i1Photo Pro, i1Publish Pro – and i1Publish, a software/target solution. All four feature groundbreaking new i1Profiler software technology designed to accommodate all levels of proficiency and expertise, and provide the power and control needed to create the highest quality color profiles. The new PANTONE Color Manager color swatch bridging software,  ColorChecker Proof, a new ColorChecker target for direct viewing analysis against a printed target and ColorChecker camera calibration system are also featured.

“For the past six months I have had the pleasure to work with the new i1Profiler software from X-Rite. I have been able to build profiles that in my opinion are the most accurate that I have seen to date, both from a technical and real world perspective. They have large color gamuts, better shape, enhanced neutrality and smoother tonal transitions. And most important they help achieve the holy grail of the print matching the monitor. i1Profiler merges the best characteristics of both ProfileMaker and MonacoPROFILER into an elegant and user friendly solution. The ability to account for variables such as UV, optical brighteners, color temperature and spectral output of your viewing source place precision profiles within everyone’s grasp. If you are a believer in the immense value of precise color management this is the tool you have been waiting for!” – Doublas Dubler

Upgrade packages are available for those who have i1Pro devices as well as MonacoPROFILER 4 and ProfileMaker 5 users. Read more about the upgrade opportunities and review the features of i1Profiler software at www.xritephoto.com.

Follow X-Rite Photo on Facebook and @xritephoto on Twitter for more information on these and other color management solutions for photographers.  We’ll be announcing a webinar soon that will provide an in-depth look into i1Profiler so keep reading the X-Rite Photo Blog.

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4 responses to “NEW X-Rite i1 Professional Solutions Shipping!”

  1. I have been unable to profile my Epson 3800 printer as i1Publish will not accept the patches as being readable, this problem has arisen with other Epson 3800 users.
    Despite actioning this with my dealer today who is liasing with xrite I have heard nothing back from either.
    Do you think it would be a good idea to warn potential purchasers of the i1Publish software who own Epson 3800 printers that there may be a problem?



    • Stephen,
      We understand this morning that you are in touch with our support team in Europe. Please keep us posted on the outcome of this issue. It is our desire to make sure every customer has a positive experience with all our products. And certainly we want to identify any issues to resolve them as quickly as possible.
      Thank you for allowing us to assist with diagnosing and correcting the issue.

  2. Peter Buck says:

    Hi l have used the i1 Profiler just over a year , and for the first ten months it worked fine , then about six weeks ago l was about to make a profile on ILFORD paper, l did everything the same as before but this time
    the i1 Profiler did not read several rows on the target , thinking that lv’e done something wrong l printed another target , But just the same did not read several rows , l’ve been trying to print a target now for several weeks that the i1 Profiler can read , l use a Epson 3800 printer, Mac 10.6.8, Photoshop CS5 .
    l have used the Adobe colour print utility, I1PROFILER, and several other ways to print but nothing works ,
    l also have had the x rite spectrophotometer checked out and thats ok.
    so whats the solution to this
    any thoughts on this



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