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Coloratti News | Jim DiVitale


by Brenda K. Hipsher – May 19th, 2011

Our friend Jim DiVitale is a great guy. His affable personality and rock solid teaching style has made him a favorite speaker for some time. Today the ability to teach online through webinars and video expands every photographer’s access to mentoring and education.

This morning I ran across a blog about Jim DiVitale that illustrates the importance of education and learning, mentoring and inspiration. Simon Kitcher of Waitakere, New Zealand writes, “His illustrative work is like reading a  story that leaves you wishing there was more when you reach the end of the book.” Simon talks about the importance of inspiration as a part of learning from his mentor Jim DiVitale. Read all Simon’s post called “Inspirational Photographers: Jim DiVitale.”

So check out Simon Kitcher, Jim DiVitale, and other X-Rite Coloratti for your inspiration. And keep  following X-Rite Photo on Facebook and @xritephoto on Twitter for the latest information on new products, software updates, information and Coloratti News.

Color Perfectionists Unite!



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One response to “Coloratti News | Jim DiVitale”

  1. Dear Brenda K. Hipsher
    I just wanted to personally thank you for taking the time to write a post that spotlighted this article.
    As I just won a Colour Passport, it is the my first feature article on Photographic tools, a Happy Coincidence that I had already began to write it just not had time to post it before you came across my blog.
    Have a wonderful weekend

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