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Coloratti News | John Paul Caponigro and The Color of Temperature


by Brenda K. Hipsher – May 31st, 2011

Coloratti John Paul Caponigro has an extensive website at www.johnpaulcaponigro.com that includes lots of learning opportunities, beautiful images, workshop and seminar information and, of course, his blog.  Just at the end of last week John Paul alerted me to a new blog post called The Color of Temperature – Warm or Cool.

“There are … psychological qualities of color linked to temperature. Psychologically, blue is cooler than red. These associative qualities of color with regard to temperature are almost universally accepted. This is due in large part to our physical environment – water is blue, plants are green, sunshine is yellow, fire is red.” says John Paul.  And he goes on to talk about how our senses work together to tell our minds about the world around us and the properties of color.  This article is about just about every aspect of color you can think of and more.

Look for more articles in the coming days on John Paul Caponigro’s Blog on the topic of color. Read about color from one of photography’s color experts in an organized and easy to understand educational style. Check out X-Rite Photo’s new video featuring John Paul. Click on the link below and enjoy this brand new video.

Exploring Beauty, Color & Nature with John Paul Caponigro

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