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Coloratti News | Matthew Jordan Smith and Colormunki Photo


by Brenda K. Hipsher – May 4th, 2011

The thought that I’m delivering industry-standard accurate color now gives me immense confidence in the files and prints I’ll be delivering to my clients going forward,” says Colormunki Photo contest winner Naill David of San Francisco.

Our friend and Coloratti Matthew Jordan Smith ran a contest last week and Colormunki Photo was the prize.  The contest was executed in collaboration with Professional Photographers of Canada. The winner was announced at their meeting in Banff, Alberta over the April 30-May 1 weekend and by MJS on Twitter and his Facebook page.  You can read more about this contest and other great content Matthew posts on his blog called The Joy of Photography. Thanks Matthew for letting us know about this cool contest!

With X-Rite color management solutions for photographers you can enter a new world of color! Right now when you purchase Colormunki Photo receive FREE Camera Profiling Tools AND a $50.00 rebate in the US and Canada.  That’s capture to edit to print control with the purchase of Colormunki Photo!

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Color Perfectionists Unite!

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