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X-Rite Color Management | Color Basics


by Brenda K. Hipsher – May 25th, 2011

Color management in digital photography is essential for getting accurate, repeatable color. As we’ve recently discussed calibrating and profiling your monitor is the starting point for any color managed workflow and critical color editing. While understanding the nuances and specifics of color is not required to make color management solutions from X-Rite work for you, I often find that folks are interested in more information on how color works and what color management can bring to your digital workflow.

X-Rite Photo is committed to bringing you in depth information in a format that works for you. And here on the xritephoto blog we do our best to point you to resources that can enhance your experience and increase your understanding in bite sized chunks that are easy to digest!  One interesting video is called Color Basics and gives you more info on color and how it works both in our minds and with the devices we’re using.

I also ran across another video blog post from the early days of the xritephoto blog that talks about room viewing conditions for doing critical color editing on a calibrated and profiled monitor.  It’s called:

Ideal Viewing Conditions for Color Management

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