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Coloratti News | Another Day with Jay Maisel by Kelby Training


by Brenda K. Hipsher – June 10th, 2011

Jay Maisel photo by Jeff Schewe.  Another Day with Jay Maisel by Kelby Training.

Photo by Jeff Schewe

In the interest of full disclosure… I adore Jay Maisel. I’ve been fortunate to meet him and spend time with him over a few dinners here and there and he’s just the best. He’s brilliant, funny, a great conversationalist. He’s one of the great treasures of the photo industry. Just today I ran across a tweet about a new Kelby Training program featuring Jay called  Another Day with Jay Maisel. How could I resist clicking on that link and checking it out?  All I could do was smile and just enjoy that first chapter called “Color Happens.” That’s a perfectly predictable Jay statement, “Color happens.”

In this program Scott Kelby walks the streets of NYC with Jay and sits with him in his studio.  This is a continuation of Scott’s original program called A Day with Jay Maisel. This new program picks up where they left off discussing color, light, gesture, form… literally any aspect of photographic creativity.

Scott Kelby has given us all a fascinating look at what it’s like to spend time with Coloratti Jay Maisel. And it’s packaged in a beautifully shot video interspersed with Jay Maisel images.  It’s a feast for the eyes, the ears, and the creative mind.  If you know Jay you’ll feel like you’ve just had a visit with him. If you haven’t had the pleasure, this is your chance to spend time with one of the greats in our industry.

Visit Kelby Training to learn more about other great programs brought to you by Scott Kelby.  And visit Jay Maisel’s website, click on the Biography tab to see more video of Jay Maisel. Visit with one of the greats of the photo world and one of the most entertaining teachers and most enjoyable companions a person could ever want to know.

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Color Perfectionists Unite!


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