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Coloratti News | David Saffir on the NEW i1Profiler Software from X-Rite


by Brenda K. Hipsher – June 4th, 2011

Coloratti David Saffir has just published a review of i1Profiler software in the June 2011 edition of Professional Photographer Magazine.  He will also be posting a series of guest blogs here to expand a bit more on some individual features of the software.  David is an internationally recognized, award winning portrait, commercial photographer and fine art printmaker. We hope you will visit his new website at www.davidsaffir.com and his blog called David Saffir’s Photography and Printing Blog. Enjoy this piece and look for more in the coming weeks from Coloratti David Saffir.

Adding Dominant Image Colors to Your Profiles

by David Saffir

The new i1Profiler software is so feature rich that one could easily write a book on all the tools for customization available to photographers.   Some that might be applicable to photography include, but are not limited to, controlling the number of patches in a test target, importing PANTONE® colors, and importing patch colors from image files for profile optimization.

One can, for example, specify up to 6,000 patches in a target. I’m pretty sure I won’t usually need quite that many for photography, or even fine art reproduction, but high-patch targets have their place – particularly when one is shooting for highly accurate and consistent color.

With the advent of high dynamic range digital cameras, and sophisticated post processing software, I feel we’re seeing a greater range of colors per se, and also many more of the intermediate subtleties that add so much to realism and dimensionality in a photograph.

Now, one can “import” an image into i1Profiler and create additional patches from dominant colors. Optimizing a profile from custom patch sets can also include colors from PANTONE® Color Manager, spot colors captured with the i1Pro device, or additional patches from the smart patch generator. The user can control the number of patches.  All of these additional patches are printed and read so that the data is subsequently added to the profile. My experience in fine art reproduction has taught me that sampling important areas can, in some cases, add to color accuracy and consistency.

In subsequent posts, I’ll discuss other methods of customization that may benefit photographers.


Thanks so much David for providing guest blogs for us here!  And be sure to get a copy of the June 2011 Professional Photographers Magazine and check out David’s review of i1Profiler software from X-Rite.


Learn more about i1Profiler software in i1Photo Pro, i1Publish Pro, and i1Publish at www.xritephoto.com. And remember to check out upgrades for your existing i1Pro devices.

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