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Coloratti News | Seth Resnick Two Visions Collide


by Brenda K. Hipsher – June 7th, 2011

Earlier this year we featured Coloratti Seth Resnick here on the blog. Click here to check out that post from February. There’s an audio clip there in which he talks about this same phenomenon he’s highlighted on his blog yesterday. Two photographers can stand in the same spot, in the same light, at the same time, and because their interior vision and creativity is unique they choose different lenses, different angles to produce amazingly different photographs.  Visit Seth’s webite at www.d-65.com and read his post from Monday, June 6 called Two Visions Collide. You’ll also find info on workshops, webinars, and more at D-65.

Check out an archive of Seth Resnick’s webinar for xritephoto called “When you Travel, Bring your Passport!” in Webinar Archives. There’s also a great video on xritephoto.com featured in Coloratti Videos on ColorChecker Passport.

There’s a lot more to come this month on the blog so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you’ll see when and what we’re posting. Check out the Webinar page under the Learning tab for the webinar listings this month.  Joe Brady will be joined by Juan Pons and Brian Matiash for some new webinars with partners Nik Software and onOne Software.

Color Perfectionists Unite!

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