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Even MORE on Color from John Paul Caponigro


by Brenda K. Hipsher – June 13th, 2011

Saturation and Simultaneous Contrast plus color management and color in digital photographyColoratti John Paul Caponigro has been writing and writing and writing about color the past couple of weeks.  We’ve featured him on two recent blog posts.  Read these posts  The Color of Temperature and More on Color in addition to this one!

Last week John Paul Caponigro tackled the issue of Saturation .  “One of the most distinctive features of a visual artist’s use of color is their use of saturation.” John Paul goes on to explore all the aspects and uses of saturation and how it can move the viewer of the photograph.

The other issue John Paul explores is Simultaneous Contrast. This phenomenon makes the same color appear differently to our eye in relation to other colors around it. John Paul explains it this way, “How red is red? That depends in part on its context. We see colors in relationship to other colors in our field of vision. The appearance of any one color is modified by the presence of other colors. (This is a perceptual effect not a physical effect; while we experience it, we cannot measure it physically.)” This is another in depth post that illustrates the phenomenon, gives you exercises to explore it for yourself, and puts another tool in your toolbox to enhance and transform your photographic captures.

John Paul Caponigro’s website is packed with education and information.  You can read a variety of posts and documents by John Paul on  the topic Color Theory.  He’s gathered 18 articles related to Color Theory in one place for you! And visit the Workshops section on www.johnpaulcaponigro.com for listings of classes, workshops, and seminars you can enjoy with the man himself in exotic places or in his own studio and educational space in Maine.

Remember to check out X-Rite’s newest video called Exploring Beauty, Color & Nature with John Paul Caponigro.  Click on the link to go directly to the video.

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Color Perfectionists Unite!

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