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NEW X-Rite i1Display Pro | Perfectly Amazing


by Brenda K. Hipsher – June 24th, 2011

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The new i1Display Pro colorimeter is a beautiful, compact, powerhouse of display color management. The i1Display Pro device features an advanced, high-end, optical system with custom-designed filters that provide a near perfect match to the color perception of the human visual system, delivering superior color measurement results.  Both i1Display 2 and ColorMunki Display devices fully support all modern display technologies, including LED backlight and wide gamut displays. Both devices are spectrally calibrated, making them fully field upgradeable to support future display technologies.

The i1Display Pro device is an ergonomic design with 3-way operation. The device profiles monitors, takes ambient light measurements, and profiles projectors for greater color accuracy in your presentations. The diffuser arm rotates to become a platform for projector profiling, moves 180 degrees to expose the lens array for monitor profiling, or covers the lens array for ambient light measurements, storage, and transport. Like the ColorMunki Display, i1Display Pro can be mounted to a tripod for profiling projectors in large venues.

i1Display Pro incorporates next generation display and projector profiling software technologies  in i1Profiler software to make the match between your display and printer more perfect. Once you take the guesswork and frustration out of making sure the color you see on your monitor or projector is the color you expect from your printer, you’ll save time and money and gain full creative control over your images. Advanced technologies include:

  • Ambient Light Measurement – automatically determine the optimum display luminance for comparing prints to your display, based on a measurement of the lighting conditions where prints will be viewed.
  • Ambient Light Smart Control – the intensity or amount of ambient light surrounding your workspace affects the way you perceive colors on your display. These solutions can compensate for this effect and provide the option to automatically adjust your profile or simply notify you as ambient light conditions change.
  • Flare Correct™ measures and adjusts your display profile for reduced contrast ratios caused by flare light (or glare) falling on surface of display. By accurately measuring your effective display contrast ratio, you’ll have an even more accurate display profile.
  • Intelligent Iterative Profiling, an adaptive technology that produces optimized results for maximum color accuracy on each unique display every time you profile.
  • Automatic Display Control (ADC) technology automates the adjustment of your display’s hardware (brightness/backlight, contrast, and color temperature) to speed up the profiling process and eliminate manual adjustments to ensure highest quality results.


Have a look at the i1Display Pro device using i1Profiler software in this video.


In coming days we’ll be talking about additional features in  the new i1Display Pro. Have a closer look at www.xritephoto.com and check out the new pages for ColorMunki Display and i1Display Pro. And be sure to notice the Trade In – Trade Up program to get you into the very most advanced technology today. Stop guessing. Start knowing! Now is the time to get your color management workflow in motion.

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