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Breathing Color | Color Management Using Saved Targets


by Brenda K. Hipsher – August 8th, 2011

Our friend Paul Morales, “The Art of Printmaking” blog at Breathing Color, is churning out some really great information.  He’s published two articles that we would like to call your attention to specifically. There are many other interesting posts on “The Art of Printmaking” blog as well!

Paul is Breathing Color‘s technical support specialist and field engineer for solvent printer installations. With an extensive background in printing and production, he understands the issues facing photographers and print studios, and he loves to help.

The first article shows you how to save targets from ColorMunki Photo and use them in a workflow that requires the targets to be printed outside the ColorMunki Photo software. How to Profile a Canon iPF6300/8300 Using the Print Plug-In and the ColorMunki tells you how to save ColorMunki Photo targets and use them in the Canon IPF plug-in. We’ve had a fair amount of questions on this topic so we hope this article is helpful.

The second blog that caught my eye is called How to Print Targets using Adobe CS5 and Windows 7 (64-bit).  It’s an interesting dilemma not having a “no color management” selection in the Color Handling menu in CS5. This blog walks you through using “let printer manage colors” and into the printer dialogue box to disable color management.

[If you’re printing TIFF files you might also want to consider the Adobe Color Print Utility to be sure color management is turned off on your targets as you print them for making your profiles. http://adobe.ly/CS5CMUtility Adobe’s site says this works only with OS 10.6 and not 10.5.]

Visit Breathing Color and “The Art of Printmaking” blog for more information and lots of interesting articles.

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One response to “Breathing Color | Color Management Using Saved Targets”

  1. Also regarding to printing targets without color management in Photoshop CS5 there is trick with “Null Transform” and turning off color management in print driver.

    Null Transform is a trick when you assign the Adobe RGB profile to untagged target both in application and in Print dialog and this does not affect your image. Instead it creates “Null Transform” where colors are not changed. Also you can assign any profile besides Adobe RGB to the image but you have to assign the same profile in the Print dialog to get the null transform. After that in printer driver color management should be set to Off to send the unchanged data from Photoshop through the printer driver without any modification.

    I hope this tip will benefit to someone reading this blog.


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