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Pennies from Heaven! X-Rite ColorMunki Photo and ColorMunki Display Rebates


by Brenda K. Hipsher – August 30th, 2011

X-Rite ColorMunki Photo and ColorMunki Display Rebates

NEW rebates have just been announced for X-Rite ColorMunki color management solutions! Get $75 back on ColorMunki Photo and  $25 back on ColorMunki Display. Both  are already affordable, easy to use,  professional quality color management solutions.  All you have to do is pick which one is right for you and get started saving time and money with a color managed workflow!

It’s easy. Just purchase your ColorMunki Photo or ColorMunki Display from your favorite dealer, download the rebate forms below, follow the instructions and you’ve got a money on the way back to you.

ColorMunki Photo $75 Rebate Certificate offer good August 23 – December 15, 2011

ColorMunki Display $25 Rebate Certificate offer good September 1 – October 31, 2011

Both offers are limited time and US and Canada only.  If you’ve wanted to get a grip on your color workflow with solid professional quality color management solutions that are super easy to use, reliable, compact, and backed by X-Rite’s software and hardware engineers now’s the time!

Color management solutions are one of the few things you’ll ever invest in for your photography business or hobby that will literally pay for itself and make you money. Stop throwing away photographic paper and filling your waste basket with your profit margin.  Save time and frustration.  Get predictable controllable results. Suprises are fun if it’s your birthday. But when you want the print to match your screen surprises are not so good.

What’s the difference between ColorMunki Photo and ColorMunki Display?

ColorMunki Photo is a spectrophotometer that allows you to profile monitors, projectors, AND printers in one easy to use portable package.  This solution has been on the market for a couple of years and has become a welcome alternative to more expensive and more advanced printer profiling solutions.  Choose this solution if you want to make printer profiles in addition to making sure your monitor and projector are producing the most accurate color possible.

ColorMunki Display is a colorimeter recently released with all new hardware in an innovative new design. ColorMunki Display is perfect for those who are sending work to labs or using manufacturer or other printer profiles.  This new hardware design makes new features like Ambient Light Smart Control and Flare Correct™ features possible.  These features are for use in viewing environments that are less than optimal with changing light conditions or glare on the monitor screen. And ColorMunki Display is even smaller and lighter so you can take it with you when you travel to profile projectors or large LCD panels when you’re speaking or doing presentations.  ColorMunki Display does NOT make printer profiles.

Both solutions are fully compatible with the latest opeating systems including Lion and are made for the latest monitor technologies. No matter which ColorMunki color management solutions you choose… YOU WIN!  Stop guessing. Start KNOWING!  Get your color management under control. You’ll be glad you did.

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4 responses to “Pennies from Heaven! X-Rite ColorMunki Photo and ColorMunki Display Rebates”

  1. Helene Light Cord Camera says:

    Our ColorMunki displays have UPC codes of 640111922452, not 640111921103 as stated in the rebate form found on this email blast. Are ours eligible for rebate?

    Helene Light
    Cord Camera

    • Brenda K. Hipsher says:

      Just send in the UPC code you have on your box. Make sure all the other details of entry are followed.

  2. Jane Newman says:

    Why are us poor Photographers in the UK not entitled to the rebate – seems a bit unfair to me.

    • Brenda K. Hipsher says:

      Each distributor around the globe offers different things at different times. There will be times when there will be a UK rebate or offer that does not hit the US. Please accept our apologies for this one and keep a sharp eye out there for other offers in your area.
      Thanks for writing!
      Brenda K. Hipsher

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