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X-Rite ColorMunki Display Review | Keith Cooper Northlight Images


by Brenda K. Hipsher – August 1st, 2011

The word is getting out and the reviews are starting to come in on ColorMunki Display and i1Display Pro.  Today we’re looking at a review of ColorMunki Display by Keith Cooper of Northlight Images. Keith is a commercial photographer in Leicester, UK.  He’s written a very comprehensive ColorMunki Display review on his Northlight Images Blog. Keith walks us through why we even need to calibrate and profile a monitor and includes embedded video, photos, a roll-over animation of the ambient light filter arm, and suggestions for further study on color management.

Keith Cooper Northlight ImagesIf you’ve ever struggled with screen to print matches whether you’re printing in your studio or sending to a lab you know that monitors don’t come out of the box displaying correctly. Keith discusses in detail the issue of not knowing if the color, contrast, and luminance on a monitor bears any resemblance to what is actually captured in the file. Here’s what he says, “If I look at a landscape photograph on my monitor, then what’s in the shadows is obviously darker than the brighter areas.The problem is that I don’t know whether the shadows are too bright or too dark relative to what the camera captured when I took the photo. Is my monitor changing the contrast?

If I’m just looking at pictures on my own computer, then this doesn’t matter much – I can adjust things to look right on the screen. The problem comes when I want to do something else with the photo. If I adjust the photo and send it to be printed, then I have no idea what effect my adjustments will have had. If the monitor darkens shadows, then I’ll be tempted to lighten them. If I send this lightened image to be printed, then there is every chance that the shadows that looked fine to me on my monitor will be too light when printed…The first step in getting things right more often, is to profile and calibrate your monitor.”

X-Rite ColorMunki Display, Color ManagementKeith goes step by step through ColorMunki Display explaining in great detail how to use the device including screen shots and photos. This is a very comprehensive look at ColorMunki Display including Ambient Light Smart Control and Flare Correct™, new features that allow even more control and accuracy.  This review includes details on projector profiling in addition to monitor profiling.  And you’ll see options for print viewing that can also assist you in ultimate predictability of your printed output. WOW!  This article has it ALL!  What a great introduction to the need for a color managed monitor, an introduction to the importance of viewing light conditions, projector profiling…. You’ve gotta read this article.

Here’s the bottom line on ColorMunki Display. “For the advanced amateur or professional photographer, the ColorMunki Display offers all of the monitor and projector profiling capability they could want. Monitor profiling is a vital part of improving the quality and consistency of your work – the ColorMunki Display makes an excellent first step.”

Read the entire article.  CLICK HERE to go directly to ColorMunki Display review on Northlight Images by Keith Cooper.  Thanks Keith!

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