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X-Rite Coloratti News | Eric Meola and Days of Heaven


by Brenda K. Hipsher – August 4th, 2011

It’s not often that I wake up the morning and sit down at my desk to a complete feast for the eyes and the mind.  But that’s exactly what happened this morning. Coloratti Eric Meola sent me a quick note about his new blog post “Days of Heaven” Eric takes us on a beautiful and sensitive look at the Palouse area of southern Washington state.  His beautiful photographs and lyrical prose relaxed my mind and made me smile this morning.  Eric’s use of color, light, shadow, and emotion always leave me wanting more.  This blog post introduced me to this region through a story about his first ride in a bi-plane.

Great digital photography has many components.  One of those components is solid color management built into your workflow. Eric is a great believer in a color managed workflow. One look at the beautiful photos on his website www.ericmeola.com and his blog posts on his blog called “Seeing in Color” make clear that controlling color is vital to the vision and emotion he transmit in his photography.

Eric Meola, Days of Heaven, X-Rite Photo

Rolling hills of light and shadow © Eric Meola 2011

Eric Meola’s photos always leave me wanting more and I love reading his blogs for the poetic stories he weaves.  And this morning an added benefit was vocabulary expansion. I learned the word “chiaroscuro” – the use of light and shade in a picture.  Take 3 minutes.  Give yourself a little vacation right at your desk.  Go on a little trip with Eric Meola to the Palouse. Enjoy the journey. I’m feeling better already. Enjoy “Days of Heaven.”

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One response to “X-Rite Coloratti News | Eric Meola and Days of Heaven”

  1. John MacLean says:

    Eric was one of my very first influences of “Seeing in Color”. I had the great opportunity to assist him on several large advertising shoots around 1990-91 here in L.A. We still remain friends via phone and email. He continually changes his style and color palette like a chameleon. And he’ll always be a mentor to me.

    Here’s a new gallery of mine http://www.johnmaclean.com/loCAL_color/

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