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X-Rite i1Display Pro Advanced Features | Uniformity Check Guest Blog by Coloratti Dennis Dunbar


by Brenda K. Hipsher – August 16th, 2011

Welcome new Coloratti member Dennis Dunbar! Visit his website at www.dunbardigital.com. Dennis worked for many years with the noted photographer William Warren. He set up his own digital studio in 1991, in the infancy of digital photography. His focus is Color Management offering consulting service on the topic. In the summer of 2002 Dennis was named to the Board of Directors for the Los Angeles Chapter of the Advertising Photographers of America where he serves as head of the Digital Committee. His work with the APA led him to concentrate on working with groups that are focused in the area of creating standards for the Digital Imaging.  He is a founding member of the UPDIG (Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines) and a member of the DISC Committee as well. More information on these groups are available at: www.updig.org and www.disc-info.org.

My Favorite New Feature in i1 Profiler:

Display Uniformity Check

by Guest Blogger Dennis Dunbar

After upgrading my old i1 Match software to X-Rite’s new i1Profiler I couldn’t wait to try it out. As expected the software worked well and was easy to use. (So easy in fact I thought somehow I must have missed a step along the way!)

One of the features that makes this so easy to use is it’s ability to sense which monitors will work with the ADC (automatic display control). If your monitor is compatible with ADC then literally all you need to do is set your preferences for White Point and Luminance and the software takes over from there.

After completing this step I thought for a moment about how easy calibrating and profiling a monitor has become. Many years ago I had a very expensive state of the art Barco Display, (at least it was state of the art at the time.) As I recall the calibration process for that monitor was a lengthy one that involved fiddling with what seemed like an endless number of controls. At some point we’d always just wind up saying, “Close enough!”  Whew!

Those days are over with i1Profiler software.  Profiling a monitor with ADC is nearly effortless. I can save my settings in the Advance Mode and just recall them each time I profile. And the profile is beautiful.

But even though this new software is easier to use than ever by far my favorite new feature is the Display Uniformity check. One of the more important aspects of color managing a monitor is to check the uniformity of luminance and color across the surface of the monitor. If your monitor has a bit of a Magenta cast on one side and is darker in the corners than the middle you could have problems.

In the past the best way to check this after profiling a monitor would be to create an image in Photoshop that was filled with a solid gray color and then fill the screen with that image. Then you’d check to see if you noticed a little color shift from one part of the monitor to the other, always a guessing game at best.


And this where i1Profiler’s Display Uniformity check really shines. In short this feature works by creating a grid of 9 sections on your monitor and prompting you to move your device from grid to grid as it measures each one.



The whole process takes just a minute or two and when it’s finished i1Profiler then displays the results in a way that’s easy to read. There is even a slider where you can adjust the tolerances, now that’s cool!

Here are a couple of screen shots showing the results for the HP 2511 monitor I tested:

This screen shows the luminance measurements of the different grid positions. Note the slider to the left of the measurement display where you can adjust the tolerance levels. Here the luminance measurements fall well within the default tolerances.

And this screen shows the variations in White Point measurements across the screen, again well within the default tolerances.  But as you can see this particular monitor shows a little bit of variation across the display.

Just how much variation is too much depends a great deal on what you’re using the display for and you can set the tolerance limit sliders to be more or less sensitive.  With this new feature in the i1 Profiler tool set you’ll be able to make more informed decisions about whether your monitor is up to the task at hand. And you’ll be able to see if and when your monitor begins to age and change.

Special thanks to Dennis for this guest blog on i1Profiler Advanced Feature Uniformity Check. You can find Dennis on Twitter @DennisDunbar and on Facebook at Dennis Dunbar.  Read more great blogs by Dennis on his blog called The Digital Transformer.

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