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Christopher Dodds Reviews i1Profiler


by Brenda K. Hipsher – September 19th, 2011

Christpher Dodds i1Profiler Color Management ReviewPhotographer Christopher Dodds  is a full-time freelance nature photographer, nature photography workshop & safari leader, teacher and lecturer specializing in birds. Many of his images have been published in world-class publications including: National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer Canada, Bird Conservation(American Bird Conservancy) to name just a few. I’ve just been looking through the “Portfolios” on www.chrisdoddsphoto.com this morning. I feel like I’ve had a walk through the wilderness. Beautiful photos of bald eagles, owls, moose, and more will make your eyes smile.

Chris first discovered his love of the great Canadian outdoors during family and boy scout camping, and canoe and backpacking trips, after moving to Canada from England when he was eight. By the time he was fourteen, Chris thrilled at freezing fleeting glimpses of birds and the resulting ability to study every detail of their intricate beauty. Chris’ passion for photography has taken several paths through the years; photojournalism, studio portraiture, commercial and wedding photography to name just a few. He apprenticed in colour and black and white chemical darkrooms, but today embraces the computerized, digital workflow. Chris is passionate about capturing images of nature in an artistic, yet technically perfect, manner.

Christopher Dodds Color Managed workflowIt’s no accident that a photographer who uses color and light as masterfully as Christopher Dodds is also very serious about color management in his digital workflow. He’s been a user of the i1Pro device since the GretagMacbeth days and recently upgraded his system to the new i1Profiler software. You’ll find the full text of his review on his blog called “Nature Photography Blog”. Here’s what Christopher had to say, “With an all-new user interface, i1Profiler offers an unprecedented level of flexibility to address the needs of a photographer’s workflow. i1Profiler seamlessly combines the ease of use of the wizard driven interface found in the basic mode, and the flexibility of the menu driven user interface found in the advanced mode. Whether a novice, expert or somewhere in between, i1Profiler easily adapts to any skill level and workflow needs, while maintaining the ability to produce outstanding profile quality results.”

Check out the full text of the review and read other posts on “Nature Photography Blog: A Resource for Nature Photographers by Christopher Dodds.” And be sure to visit www.chrisdoddsphoto.com to see beautiful photographs in the Galleries and get information on Workshops with Christopher Dodds.

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