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Coloratti News | Michael Grecco on Andrew Breitbart and X-Rite i1Display Pro


by Brenda K. Hipsher – September 23rd, 2011

X-Rite Coloratti Michael Grecco

Coloratti Michael Grecco recently worked with commentator Andrew Breitbart on a concept for his new book, Righteous Indignation. “We humorously illustrated his concept, the decline of the liberal media,” says Michael of the project. “The Andrew Breitbart image was created with the knowledge that some of the elements, and the mood of the image, would be enhanced in post production. I first relied on a high quality monitor and my new i1Display Pro to make sure I was looking at the true colors of the file. I then worked each section of the image by compositing it in some places, while altering the color and tonality in others to create the final conceptual portrait. This included warming up the light in places and making it cold in others. I was able to do this with confidence, knowing I had the truest possible rendition of the colors.” Have a look at the other images from the Breitbart sessions on Michael’s blog.

Michael also recently showed up in The Huffington Post for his entry in the group show “I Love LA.” The show also received press from the Los Angeles Times and  NBC LA.

If you’re a New York Yankees fan you’ve gotta see the most amazing photograph of pitcher Andy Pettitte. Michael combined the intensity of this great pitcher and beautiful dramatic lighting to capture that moment when his concentration and intensity is laser targeted to throwing the next pitch. Even a Boston Red Sox fan like me had to just sit awhile and admire this portrait.  Have a look on Michael’s blog “Double Header, Yankees Pitcher Andy Pettitte”.

Visit Michael Grecco Photography and enjoy his photographs from Scorsese to Naked Ambition. You’re sure to find a feast for the eyes.

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