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Shutterbug Features X-Rite i1Photo Pro Review


by Brenda K. Hipsher – September 21st, 2011

Shutterbug X-Rite i1Photo ProIf you haven’t already then pick up a copy of September’s Shutterbug magazine. It’s an information packed issue titled “Image Processing Software Updates” and includes an in depth article on i1Photo Pro by Jon Canfield on page 100.

Complete with screen shots and a step by step look at the software, Canfield gives you a comprehensive look at i1Photo Pro, the RGB spectrophotometer calibration and profile solution monitors, projectors, and printers. i1Photo Pro has at its core the new i1Profiler software with its amazing color engine that is producing display and printer profiles never before possible. This article also includes advanced features like Display QA and using the new ColorChecker Proof.

Pick up a copy today and read the entire article for an in depth look at X-Rite i1Photo Pro. And remember if you need CMYK+ profiling capability select i1Publish Pro.

Remember i1Photo Pro, i1Publish Pro, and i1Publish including upgrades comes with ColorChecker Camera Calibration Software and Pantone Color Manager. These great additions give you added features in addition to the new i1Profiler software.

If you already have an i1Pro device get i1Publish upgrades so you can have the advantage of i1Photo Pro and i1Publish Pro using your existing device.  And hurry because for a limited time you can get $150 cash back on the purchase of i1Publish upgrades.

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