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by Brenda K. Hipsher – October 31st, 2011

Breathing Color and X-Rite by Renee Besta

Our friend Renee Besta has written a very nice guest blog on The Art of Printmaking blog at Breathing Color. The post is called How to Print HDR Photographs — Monitors and Post-Processing and features an in depth look at the why you must calibrate and profile your monitor right up front. “Since your image editing decisions are based solely on what you see on your monitor, it is very important to both calibrate and profile your display,” says Renee.  She explains the difference in calibration and profiling in very easy to understand language. “Many people think this is just too much trouble, so they skip these vital steps. I would ask how much ink and paper they waste trying to get good prints.”

X-Rite blog photo by Renee BestaThis is a great article that covers settings such as white point, luminance, and even gives advice on what color the room should be for doing critical color correction. She gives a link to the Color IQ test that will give you and idea of the sensitivity of your eye or color in the environment in which you’re working.  But be sure to do the test on a calibrated and profiled monitor for maximum results!

Read the whole article How to Print HDR Photographs — Monitors and Post-Processing. There’s a lot of great information here just waiting for you.

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