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New Online Gallery LUSTER | Critical Color Management with X-Rite Solutions


by Brenda K. Hipsher – December 17th, 2011

Luster X-Rite color managementColor expert Jodie Steen and her business partner/ husband Josh have just launched a new venture called Luster. It’s an innovative new online gallery that allows everyone the option to own and collect photography to enjoy in their home, office, or anywhere else.  Luster has signed several top photographers and continues to add to their selections almost daily.  Most of these works have not been seen before and have never been available for photography lovers and collectors to purchase and enjoy.

Have a listen to Jodie in the short interview below recorded in an online interview with the X-Rite Photo Blog.

Color management is one of Jodie’s most well developed accomplishments.  As the owner of 127 Productions, a color management consulting firm, for the past 7 years she has helped many professionals set up their color management workflow in their own studios. So it’s no wonder that critical color management is so much a part of the workflow that Luster implements to bring you great photographs in perfectly matching limited editions.  All of the prints are produced and housed at Luster.  And very tight color management is employed to make sure that each print matches all the others in the edition as well as other editions in other sizes.

I have a quote by Goethe hanging on a wall in my home which says in part…”A person should hear a little music, read a little poetry and see a fine picture every day…”  Be sure you feed your artistic soul with beautiful collectable photography from Luster.  This is a wonderful and innovative new way to get beautiful, interesting, photography onto your walls so that you can enjoy these images every day whether your computer is on or off!

Head on over there at www.lusternyc.com and check out the great images as well as lots of other photography related content. It’s not too late for holiday shopping! As Jodie says these images are available in conventional larger sizes but also in smaller sizes and larger editions so that the investment cost can be very reasonable and affordable allowing everyone the opportunity to – in her words – “own something precious.”

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Stop Guessing. Start Knowing. Do what professionals like Jodie Steen and Luster do…Get your color workflow under control with X-Rite color management solutions.

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