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by Brenda K. Hipsher – December 4th, 2011

X-Rite Coloratti John OmvikToday we welcome a guest blog by Coloratti John Omvik. John is Vice President of Marketing for Unified Color Technologies and a founding photographer of Hold the Eye Images, Inc. His background in photography and product marketing/development extends to all areas of the digital imaging industry. Since 1996, John’s work placed him at the leading edge of digital imaging technology as it evolved from the R&D labs to early adopters, and finally, to mainstream consumers.

John’s contributions to the success of a number of innovative hardware and software products and technologies have improved the user experience for both consumers and professional photographers around the world. With 30 years of hands-on experience and industry background, John brings a unique technical and personal perspective to Hold the Eye Images Workshops.

Both a commercial photographer and educator, John offers workshops and one-on-one consultations covering his own wide range of expertise and interests, from the latest techniques in HDR to formal portraits to sports photography.

X-Rite Color Management for Your LCD Projector, Displays, and Printers

by John Omvik

Color management has always played an important role in my post production workflow, and for years I’ve relied on X-Rite products to get my color right and also grow to match my needs.

Initially, I had a single Mac in my small studio space and was primarily sending my processed files out to labs for printing. The i1Display 2 allowed me to view consistent color and profile my display on a regular basis.

Later as I began traveling and teaching, the X-Rite ColorMunki Photo became an invaluable tool for profiling not only my laptop display, but also LCD projectors that we’d use on the road in different venues under different lighting conditions. As a photographer there is nothing worse for me than seeing another photographer present their images on a non-color managed system where colors are off, images are too dark, and each photo requires a lot of hand waving and explanation to describe the richness of the shadow details that “are there, but just can’t be seen in this room”.

Earlier this year when my friend Bill Henderson asked me to join him at Hold the Eye Images studio and workshop in Campbell CA, I knew it was time to take the next step up to the i1 Pro and i1 Profiler software. At the studio we are running multiple Mac Pros, iMacs and Laptops and some with dual display configurations. The i1 Profiler software allows us to easily profile each of these displays and provide consistent color across the board.

For our workshops and presentations, we have a Canon SX7 Mark II high res LCD projector that we also keep profiled using the included beamer attachment with the i1Pro. The SX7 Mark II produces stunningly bright and crisp high res visuals and thanks to the i1Pro always shows our work in the best light.

The studio also uses several Epson printers including the 44” Epson Stylus Pro 9900 and two 17” Stylus Pro 3800 printers. The i1 Pro with the i1 Profiler software, makes it easy to create accurate custom profiles for each of the printers and different types of papers we use. I’ve found that one of the most interesting features of the i1 Profiler software is the ability to iteratively fine tune profiles for particular color ranges.

If you have a particular area in an image that is critical, for example the fine transitions in the sky of a landscape scene taken at sunset, the regular print profiling process will get you close. With the i1 Profiler software you can now select additional color patches just from that critical transition area, and fine tune the existing profiles adding more data points to the color model for greater accuracy.

Color management has always been a challenge for many photographers and non-color scientists to understand. New tools like the i1 Pro and i1 Profiler software go a long way to demystifying the process and making it easier to produce consistent high quality results across the full range of devices we use in our studio today.

John upgraded his i1Pro device with an i1Publish Upgrade. This allows him to use his existing i1Pro device with the newest version of i1Profiler software for up to date critical professional results and full compatibility with Mac and Windows operating systems. If you’re just purchasing an i1Pro system choose from i1Photo Pro for RGB workflows and i1Publish Pro for full CMYK+ printer profiling.

Thank you John Omvik for sharing your X-Rite color management story with us. Both i1 and ColorMunki systems give you complete control over your color management workflow.

color management, color profile, calibration, ICC, x-rite, xriteIn addition to i1Pro and ColorMunki Photo learn more about ColorChecker Passport for camera profiling. And check out our NEW display solutions –  ColorMunki Display and i1Display Pro – both offering the latest in display calibration and profiling technology at www.xritephoto.com. Find out how you can be a winner in Color Perfectionists Unite! Photo Contest.

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