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by Brenda K. Hipsher – January 17th, 2012

X-Rite Photo on FacebookWe love social media because it allows us to communicate directly with you in a two way conversation.  We’ve been asking some questions on the X-Rite Photo Facebook page lately and getting some pretty amazing answers and photos.  The greatest response has come from questions about ColorChecker Passport. This small, easy to carry, affordable camera calibration solution has taken the photo world by storm.  So many of you rely on it for color accurate rendering of your files from ANY camera when shooting RAW images and processing in Adobe programs like Lightroom and Photoshop.

Here’s what some of you are saying about ColorChecker Passport!

Cindy Meadors “The ColorChecker Passport has been a great tool that has enhanced my images. The difference in the colors is extraordinary.”

Andreas Moos “As an Adobe Certified Instructor I can Tell you: this Little Tool can Improve your Workflow – but don’t forget to calibrate you monitor :-)”

Ron Krotwaar “This is the most valuable tool in my gear. Since I have it, I never had any discussion about color correctness….When doing commercial work with several D-SLR’s at a time, the color checker will eliminate all color differences between the cams. You will not be able to tell if I used one or multiple cams.”

Shane Stiles “I love using the ColorChecker. It has shortened my workflow and yields awesome colors. I love being able to subtly warm or cool my images. The white balance target works great. Use it every chance I get.”

Daniel Sonkin “Actually, I learned about the ColorChecker when I bought it for my daughter who is studying photography in college. She was the one who told me how much it’s helped with the color and white balance with her photos. I guess we can learn a thing or two from our kids. ;-)”

John MacLean Photography “I’ve been using ColorCheckers since the 80s, which was obviously for a film workflow. Now I use the ColorChecker Classic and ColorChecker Passport  for my Lightroom 3 RAW workflow to properly neutralize any of my DSLR’s inaccuracies. The color rendering with the custom Camera Calibration is very noticeable and beneficial. Probably the biggest difference is in the blue sky, as it’s no longer showing excessive magenta casts. Of course all of the other colors are accurate and more vibrant too. No RAW files get imported into LR3 without it! And to make sure the color is being properly displayed, I use an i1Pro spectrophotometer for both monitor and printer profiles. 5 stars – Highly Recommended!”

Sean Fenzl Photographer and X-Rite ColorChecker PassportLook at what Facebook friend Sean Fenzl posted – Photo of color CheckerPassport without custom profile and a Photo of ColorChecker Passport WITH custom profile.  On either shot you can flip between the two to see the difference it made for HIS sensor. Yours will be different but often no less dramatic!

And here’s a really inventive set of photos using a ColorChecker Classic by Jennifer Reeves. She calls it Brian’s Color Mug Shot. Poor Brian, wonder what he was charged with!X-Rite ColorChecker Classic

X-Rite ColorChecker Passport from bird blind
Laszlo Pusztai showed us how he uses ColorChecker Passport when in a bird blind behind glass. With the Colorchecker Passport attached in the scene he can snap a shot of it in the same light that he shoots the birds that come and go in the scene.
He can then make custom profiles or use an existing camera profile and refine the critical white balance based on the ColorChecker Passport shot that comes right after his bird photos.  Genius!



X-Rite ColorChecker Passport with green screen



Nur Kasih uses ColorChecker Passport when doing green screen shots to remove the color cast.  What a fun picture this is!

See MORE pictures featuring ColorChecker Passport and ColorChecker Classic targets in the gallery ColorChecker Passport and ColorChecker Classic at X-Rite Photo on Facebook. If you have not “Liked” us on Facebook why not go on over there now and “Like” us at X-Rite Photo on Facebook. Post your link as a comment there and let us see your Passport!

And as our friends Andreas Moos and John MacLean Photography say above, remember to calibrate and profile your monitor regularly so you can see the actual colors in your file accurately!  Check our ColorMunki Display for easy to use, affordable device and software.  And look at i1Display Pro for a faster option with more extensive options in the i1Profiler software.   No matter which way you go, you’ll get it right with X-Rite.


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